Friday, 9 August 2013

Glittery Summer Lips!

This is so funny, because the first time I wore this lip product I didn't like it at all.
It's a lip pot from Yaby and I ordered it because it had glitter in it, but with the first use I noticed a hue in the glitter to green.
My first thought was: "Who puts greenish glitter in a lip product!?" and laid it a side.
So there it was minding its own business in my Z-palette and then the other day I fell for the urge to have glittery lips again and put it on. (I put it in my new Unii Palette and it is pan number six!)
And voilaaaaa I LOVE IT!! The greenish hue is fantastic, because it doesn't stay green all the time! And on bare lips it's fantastic!

So if you have a product you have second thoughts on, leave it, let it take a rest and try it later on because man, you can really be surprised of how both the product and you can change!!

The lip product on my lips is called Yaby Lip Colour in Diva Wannabe number 127!
Google it and give it a thought for me will ya!?

Over and out!


PureMorning said...

Great color :))

Sharlynn said...

Fun and pretty! It looks like a slightly more berry shade of peach parfait from revlon!

Chantel said...

Nice lip color.

Lucy said...

Very pretty! I love glitter anything. :D Love it Azure! :) <3

olgiepolgie said...

It's so gorgeous and glittery, green and all!

Jannatul Rahamoni said...

I guess I would think the same way <3

Kaki @ GlitterObsession said...

Gorgeous. I love how that green kinda sneaks up on you. Not too overpowering but enough to make it unique!

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