Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Inglot Body Sparkle

If you're a fan of glitter, like we are, you're going to adore this product from Inglot. It's called Body Sparkle and comes in different hues from very light and soft to dark and vivid. Unfortunately when we were on a shopping spree they didn't have all of them in stock so we only purchased three of these goodies. 
As with all glitter products, use your own discretion before applying them on your face.  

These glitter resembles of MAC Reflects Glitter or Barry M's Fine Glitter Dust. They've a rather light texture and the glitter is more like dust. Very useful for those who just want to add some sparkle to the eyes or lips.

Here's some swatches, but as usual when it comes to glitter they're tough to capture with the camera!

51, 68 & 66

A light almost white colour but reflects in both green and blue hues almost with a pinkish undertone in certain lights.

A opaque copper hue that reflects in lighter bright pink.

Also opaque antique silver hue which is quite neutral in its reflection.

We totally adore them so now we just want all of them!!!

Got any favorite Body Sparkles from Inglot?

Phlox & Azure


Robyn said...

Oh Inglot, how I love thee!

gio said...

Ohh so pretty!

olgiepolgie said...

I have #68 and it's awesome! It applies like a loose eyeshadow it's so fine. You'll love these.

TikiBarbie said...

These look so pretty!

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