Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Too Faced Exotic Color Eye Shadow Haul!

We're probably some of the last beauty bloggers  on the planet to finally own some of these goodies from Too Faced. But better later than never, right?! We got them from when they had their amazing sale a while ago. 
And are they incredible or what?! But with a rather complicated name I would say. They're all duo chrome in some weird way, which is really fabulous and makes them incredibly hard to describe with words!

 Here's what we got:

Poison Orchid, a purple colour with tons of pink sparkle in it with a hue of black undertone. 

No flash
With flash

Midnight Mist, as the name states a midnight blue with sparkles in it but when faded out it turns brownish... 

With flash

No flash

Magic Mushroom, a baby pink with golden shimmer in it and in certain light hues to silver shimmer. 

With flash
No Flash

Violet Femme, a rather matte lavender purple but with bigger golden sparkles in it

No flash

With flash

Petals To The Metal, a green hue which turns brown when faded with a hint of red undertones and on top of that holographic sparkles!

No flash

With flash

Alrighty then now they've been properly introduced, time for the swatches!!!

No flash:

From left: Magic Mushroom, Violet Femme, Poison Orchid, Midnight Mist & Petals To The Metal 

With flash:

From left: Magic Mushroom, Violet Femme, Poison Orchid, Midnight Mist & Petals To The Metal

Looks will come up with us using them asap. They're a lot of fun to work with and if you're thinking about getting one, stop thinking and just do it! You won't get disappointed!!

Azure & Phlox


Robyn said...

Midnight Mist looks fab!

Makeup Thug said...

Really? I must try these. I use to adore Too Faced cosmetics. Then I noticed there shadows did not really last long. Maybe I just got a bad I will give them another chance and try these shades. Thamk you

yelaya said...

I like midnight too, petals to teal seems a dupe of mac club!!! :)

Sharlynn said...

I need that last shade!!! And also 'mess in a dress', that hot hot pink shade that I'd LOVE to use as a liner! Can't wait for you to use them!

Luna said...

i have midnight Mist and Poison Orchid , they are a dream ! I think you guys will have a lot of fun with these , looking forward to the looks !

devilly K. said...

Oh wow, they are all wonderful. I like Poison Orchid, Midnight Mist and Petals to the Metal most.

L. Figment said...

These all look amazing! So pretty!

Good Morning Angel.

PinkFairy said...

I have 3 of these... they are really pretty! But I have problems with it's texture... it's too druy, too chunky... not pleasent at all :(

Make-up Compulsivo said...

I love these colours. Each time I pop into my local Sephora I end up swatching at least one of them... however, my dear, you're not the last beauty blogger on the planet to finally own one of them... I haven't yet bought any! :D

TikiBarbie said...

I have Midnight Mist, Magic Mushroom, and Pedal to the Metal (but I have it with the old name - Label Whore). They're great colors!

dslrbbt said...

Wow! These look great! I got a bunch of their duo shadows recently but still haven't gotten around to swatching them for my blog. I gotta do that!! I hope you two have fun with these things!

olgiepolgie said...

I have two of these and love them. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.

Darkness said...

I really like the all, they are beautiful with that reflects!**

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Oooh, these are so pretty!!

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