Sunday, 23 December 2012

Truly mattely deeply...

Yep! I have got my hand on the mattest lip product I've ever seen!
It's from the PPQ Shangri-La Collection from Sleek, and the shade is called Jazz.
There's a baby pink one too, but I don't have it.
And there are two gorgeous eye shadow palettes as well, we just don't have shown them yet (we're late, we know!)

This one is super red! And as the name says matte (as hell!)!
You know how I like my lips to be over the top glossy, and this is the heaviest opposite to that. Very long lasting but oh so dry!

And the reason for my wobbly lipline is because when applying the lip cream (or what to call it) it sets very fast so there's no time to adjust things. 
A lip pencil should be a good thing to do before (note to oneself!) application!

A very good shade for Christmas that's for sure, and New Years lips should be the best with this, though I choose to have a gloss on top of this or I would feel very uncomfortable!

What do you think of it? If you have it too, don't you also find it very dry, or is it the best ever tried??
Let me know!!

Over and out!


Laura said...

Looks GREAT but might feel verrrry dry and that can be uncomfy... :-s I'd try it though!

Sian said...

Wow, that is the first true matte product I've ever seen. How interesting, I love matte lips so much, so I'd totally give this a go.

Maxi A. said...

Wow!! It looks great!!

I look forward to seeing what will you come up with the Shangri'la palettes:) I bought both and this is what I come up with:

They're so damm versatile!! There are endless opportunities here:) I'm super curious what you're going to do with them:)

Sharlynn said...

I loved the lighter of the two shades but knew it would make my teeth look soo yellow! Then when I found out from bloggers photos on how dry it is, I knew in a thousands years I'd never try this!

My lips are already very dry...this would kill mine! The color is amazing though!

Christina said...

I love matte reds. Thank you for testing out a new one. I think I'll try to nab this baby online.

Pearl Squirrel said...


I think the super matte color makes a nice contrast on your glowy skin. Is that flash glow? Otherwise I need this too, I love highlighting powders and I want them all :)

pijani dajd┼ża said...

Nice, I like it.

Lisanne blogt said...

Wooooow, that's one awesome matte lpstick, I love it! Hmm, might need to get my hands on this :D

Rach said...

I have this and hate how it feels :(

olgiepolgie said...

What a hot shade of red!

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