Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Medusa Eye Dusts and Indelible Eyeliners

Part two of our Black Friday Haul with Medusa Make Up goodies!
Here're some Eye Dusts and Glitter, but I wouldn't call these ones as glitter because the grains are so fine so they would go more as sparkling eye dust or something. But you could label them yourself from the swatches below!

And here they are! We wanted some new highlight pigments!

And here are the swatches of the "glitters" which I think is more like a sparkling non covering pigment. In the same texture as Puzzle Cube from Shiro Cosmetics or Illamasqua's Pure Pigment Beguile.
Star Power to the left, and
Shooting Star to the right

 Notice that these two swatches are not the same product!! But they are indeed twins! So if you want to purchase these glitter shadows for yourself, pick one of these two and then a total different one! They are identical but called two different things!

And swatches of the Eye Dusts! Made in daylight, no flash.
Blow to the left,
Studio 54 to the right!
Blow is white/silvery and has a metallic sheen, but as I swatched them I could see somewhat of a baby pink in there too but maybe that's just me. 
Studio 54 is a white golden metallic shade which works for about every look. 
I think both of these pigments are a good base if you want two "normal" highlighters. Well recommended by us anyways!
And they work very good using them alone, but also with a pigmented primer to get so many shiftings! Look me using one pigment but with a black base underneath here

We also wanted to try their gel liners, but since we recently got a black one from MAC, we figured it would be much more fun of trying some colours!
They are called Indelible Paint, and the name is very full on!

Ingredient list for nerds (like us!)!

And these are the colours we chose! We got the white one respectively, the pink is Phlox's and the purple is mine (Azure's).
I got a little eager to swatch them, hence the hallow in the purple!
And their names! Catchy, right!

Taken out, ready to be swatched. This is by the way how we apply eyeliner, from jar to hand, from hand to eye, just to avoid bacterias from the eye growing in the jar.

I just painted some drops (kind of...) with an eyeliner brush.

Then I waited a while and smudged them out with my finger. Then I realized how they lived up to their name. The center of the purple was a bit thicker than the others so it wasn't set but apart from that they were very smudge proof! We like!

We also received some samples - lipglosses! Don't say no to that, eh!
One pink, one orange and one sheer pink!

And the names of them! Phlox gave the orange one to me at once since she thought the name of it suited me. Don't know what she's referring to...!? 

From left to right:
Loud Moth
Space Kitten!

The lipglosses all in all are great, but they are the most heavy scented glosses I ever come across.
Smooch has a very candy fruited scent with a bit of vanilla.
Loud Mouth is also fruity but not so sweet.
Space Kitten was only weird. Don't like the scent at all, if I'd name it it would be: Just-cleaned-the-toilet-with-perfume.
Or something like that!

Hope you like it, because we did haha!
Over and out!
Phlox and Azure

All the Medusa were purchased by us, and the thoughts are our own!


Ana said...


Especially: THAT PINK.

Is the pink eye-safe?

EyeGraffiti said...

It doesn't say to be dangerous on the eyes (read about it at, but the real try out hasn't been done yet, Phlox haven't worn it yet, but I'll talk to her and to let her be deathly honest with it!!;):)//Azure

Sian said...

Love those eyeliners, so bright! :)

Also, 3 lipglosses is pretty great as far as free samples go.

Pearl Squirrel said...

Those gel liners seem really nice, I love the colors. And the glosses seem awesome too, especially loud mouth! Too bad they are so heavily scented, that really turns me off in a lipgloss.

Antonia-Ivana said...

The orange lipgloss is pretty and I like those vibrant gel eyeliners, especially the pink one.

Rosanna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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