Sunday, 18 November 2012

Elf Goodies!

So we had the opportunity to receive some stuff from Elf and we jumped around for some days and finally settled down to really take a look at them!
First out will be the single eyeshadows and maaaooam they are sparkling! Look at them! Yiha, we like that!

They really thought it through when packing them, because like this you'll see if someone has been in there poking some fingers in your eyeshadow before buying it! Not going to happen here that's for sure. The eyeshadow is placed on a thick piece of paper (with good instructions and ingredients on the back) and then a thick plastic sealing around it, and some plastic stickers to hold it all in to place! Down below you can see a sticker being peeled off and the other not even touched, so this is a good way of knowing the make up is good to go for only you!

Ingredient list! The only dark cloud here would be the mineral oil which we try to keep away from as much as we can, so if you don't like the mineral oil, don't look this way.
But if I stood at the Elf booth and weight the price over the mineral oil in there, maybe I'd look the other way. The single shadows are priced around two dollars or 2,5 quids, so they're not expensive at all.
But then again principles are good to have!

Here's the things we got, plus a mascara, they'll be reviewed later.

But look at this sparkling babes! Named Night Owl (the grey one) and Cow Girl (brown one)

Of course I swatched them! Here we are, and since I thought the name of Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue was so convenient for these sparkling eyeshadows, that's what I used!

The primer really soaks up both the pigment and the sparkles and the difference between not having a primer is huge! So use primers for these ones, take my word for it!

Whatcha think!? Pretty huh!?
Oh and of course I'll try the hardest test of all for them: on the eyes! It'll be up tomorrow so pop in here and see me using them on!

Over and out!
Azure & Phlox

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Christina said...

I love ELF products! I bought a whole bunch of neutral shades for my pro kit recently. This poor MUA is also quite happy with the prices. :)

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