Monday, 17 September 2012

Unii Palette

Gosh! We had the opportunity to recieve some gorgeous stuff, and this is one of the things we got. 
We'll show the other stuff in a separate post, but hey, let's get to the good stuff!

The company who sent us this wanted us to review and show the Unii Palette, so here we go.

The Unii Palette is a magnet palette you can fill with everything you want! 
And if your pans are not right polarized there's a magnetic sheet with adhesive so yo can attache it on the back of the pan and have it in the palette anyway! They really thought of everything!
The Unii palette is great when you have a lot of depotted shadows, or if you want to depot some to have in the same place. 
Nowadays there are a lot of companies selling make up in pans, and then it's great to have a magnet palette to fill with goodies. The best part is that is made freedom style, so you can have different sizes on the pans together. 
And how cool isn't it to combine concealer, lips, eyeliner, shadows and blush in one palette?

Now, let's look at it!

The packaging looks like this. 
Notice you can click on the images to enlarge them!

Backside with some thoroughly instructions
Close up!

More instructions, and some tips for depotting, or even where to turn if you want to learn more about depotting!

And look closely here on all the brands you can have in the palette! No use for Google here!

And let's take a look at the actual palette! It is black with tiny tiny sparkles of gold, how beautiful isn't that! The flash reflects in it, but I (Azure) had to take this picture to show the little sparks!

Now, let's open it. The sides looks alike, and I really like the way to open it. You just fold down the clear plastic buckle instead of open it with a click clasp which very often can be hard to open. Let's not mention how many chipped nails and destroyed new varnished nails I have done on that one!

See the buckle? Very easy to open, yet purse-safe! 
The only thing about this little treasure is that it is a bit tiny! I would want a large one! The size of it is like a small clutch, but I can see a lot of people thinking it's enough, but for us who has a bit more make up to put in there could use some more space. But hey, we could get some more of these!!

And here's the content; mirror, magnet sheet and that little flower was my question mark, but I fully understood it when I filled the palette!
It's a thumb grip, which is excellent when you're doing your make up, to be able to hold the palette safely! And how great isn't it to be able to move around the thumb grip!

Now, I want to show you some examples I've made on how one can organize the palette. Great for travelling, sleep overs or just touch up during the day!

All in one!
1. Yaby Concealer in Vanilla 013
2. Yaby Lipcolour in Chili Hot Hot 020
3. Inglot Freedom System in D.S 474
4. Inglot Freedom System in Pearl 415
5. Inglot Freedom System in D.S 504
6. Yaby Brow Colour in 002
7 & 8. Depotted shadows from the Jewels Palette by Sleek
9. Inglot Freedom System in AMC 50
10. Yaby Cake Liner in 009
Brushes: Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush & Accent Brush
Pencil: Le Crayon Eyekohl in Bronze from Lancome

Colour Crazy!
1. Yaby Pearl Paint in Baby Duckie 054
2. Yaby Eye Shadow in Highlighted 511
3. Yaby Blush 002
4. Yaby Pearl Paint in Kamkuat 041
5. Yaby Pearl Paint in Dragon Fruit 056
6. Yaby Pearl Paint in Copper Ruby 061
7. Yaby Pearl Paint in Neon Grape 038
8. Yaby Pearl Paint in Sea Turtle 015
9. Yaby Eye Shadow in Hibiscus 287
10. Yaby Eye Shadow in Fairy Princess 279
11. Yaby Eye Shadow in So Vein 296
12. Yaby Pearl Paint in Mermaid Blue 070
13. Yaby Eye Shadow in The Hottest Pink 146
The unnumbered shadows are the whole Jewels Palette from Sleek depotted

Complexion and lips
1. Yaby Blush in 002
2. Yaby Lip Colour Chili Hot Hot 020
3. Yaby Lip Colour in Hot Date 231
4. Yaby Lip Colour in Seductionsim 255
5. Yaby Lip Colour in Cherry Bomb 373
6. Yaby Lip Colour in Diva Wannabe 127
7. Yaby Lip Colour in Hidden Danger 252
8. Yaby Pearl Paint in Baby Duckie 034
9. Yaby Concealer in Ivory 002
10. Yaby Concealer in Vanilla 013
Pencil: Le Crayon Eyekohl in Bronze from Lancome
Brush: Real Techniques Accent Brush
Earrings bought in Denmark

And I just wanted to show you the inside of the carton it was "wrapped" in. If you open it in the perforation this is what you see.
Instructions with both text and images on how you attache the magnetic sheets to your pans if they're not magnetic.
Look at the little convenient travel tip, and how to take care of the Unii Palette.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to us to try it out. The opinions about it has not been decided by the sender, what we have written about the palette is our own. 

Do think this palette is any good? Something you would own?

Over and out!
Phlox and Azure


Robyn said...

I really like that you can fit brushes and pencils into these!


i think this palette could be amazing. I love the fact you can actually fit brushes in here, how cool! I don't own one but I am contemplating purchasing one.. :)

Nice post.

Linzi X

Ana said...

Could you do a Yaby review or a look heavily based on Yaby eyeshadows?

Everybody in the UK seems to rave about them being both affordable and highly pigmented + having a wide range of colours, but... the looks end up not featuring them, for some reason.

Raffles Bizarre said...

Oh you don't know how desperate I am for some magnetic palettes so I can condense my kit. I have so many single eyeshadows from random brands rattling around in my case and all their excess packaging makes it so heavy. Sadly I just can't afford to spend any money these days with being self-employed so my arms will just have to continue getting a workout.

Kaki @ GlitterObsession said...

I have a UNI palette and I also have a Z palette. I like them both, and for different reasons love them both! I plan on getting a few more because these are great for traveling!

blogatka said...

This eye shadow palette is wonderful. I must have its

Antonia-Ivana said...

That's cool because you are free in combining.

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