Sunday, 12 August 2012

Soft Smokey Eyes Tutorial

So I thought it would be great with a soft smokey tutorial this Sunday!
It's not hard to do, and the colours can be replaced in so many ways.
But as you know, I'm a big fan of hues from green to blue, turquoise of that matter. I always grab these types of colours, I don't know why.
Any how, here we go!

Starting point! I primed the lids with NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage Cheese.

Take a medium dark pigment and place it softly from the tear duct almost to the corner of the eye and blend it upwards to the brow. This is Glacier from Mad Minerals.

Next is to place another pigment in the corner of the eye and blend it to the middle. This is OCC Loose Colour Concentrate in Rime.

Blend the two colours together so they fade nicely into each other.

Highlight the brow with a light shadow. I've used OCC again, but this time the Iced Loose Colour Concentrate. Take it softly down with the other shadows.

Grab an eyepencil and draw a not too neat line almost to the tear duct. This is Copacabana Eyepencil from Make Up Store.

Blend it out slightly.

And take some of that Rime and place it on top of the pen. Makes huge difference instead of only the pigment!

Some gold to this couldn't be wrong, so I took one of my favorite highlighter pigment and placed it around the tear duct, blending it together with the other shades. I'm talking about The Fine Glitter Dust in Iridescent Gold from Barry M.

Paint the waterline with your eyepencil, this is still Copacabana from Make Up Store.

And why not a soft eyeliner to this? I've chosen Clouded Sky also from Make Up Store for my eyeliner.

The shape of it when looking down. One can blend the edges with a brush for a softer eyeliner or a more smokier result.

Add your brow make up if necessary and mascara and you're set!
My brows is as usual drawn with my Le Crayon Eyekohl in Bronzed  from Lancome. My mascara is Skinny Brush Mascara from Eyeko.

Voila! Not to hard to do!

Sum up of products:
Primer - NYX JEP in Cottage Cheese
Shadows - Mad Minerals Multi Use Pigment in Glacier. OCC Loose Concentrate Colour in Rime and Iced. Barry M Fine Glitter Dust in Iridescent Gold.
Eyepencil - Copacabana from Make Up Store
Eyeliner - Clouded Sky from Make Up Store
Mascara - Skinny Brush Mascara by Eyeko
Eyebrows - Le Crayon Eyekohl in Bronze from Lancome

Over & Out!


Powdered Almond said...

Ugh you make it look so easy! I'm actually getting a little better at applying eye make up, partly down to this site...! That mascara looks like a cracker too. x

Makeup Zombie said...

Thank you for the awesome tutorial!

Tamara Stojcevska said...

Good one ! :)

xXKangarooPawXx said...

It is funny, how mascara can really polish a look.
I mean it looks fantastic without but with mascara on the lashes it is absolutly amazing

dslrbbt said...

Lovely. The blue on the waterline is a great touch!

tina said...

great look

Carol Hassan said...

i love this mascara!

Luna said...

Love it. Nice and smoked !
Great tutorial ;-)

D D said...

love your tutorials ... i do my brows at the end too :)

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Great tutorial! Your tutorials are always super clear and easy to follow.

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