Sunday, 22 July 2012

No Success!

I wasn't very satisfied with this look at all, because it felt so greasy.
But I thought I'd upload it anyway to show you that we don't always succeed in the process of make up.
I really don't know what went wrong, but I probably hadn't got the right mood on.
Anyway, it's nothing wrong with the pigments in use, because I really like the colour of them. They're a mixture of gold, brown and purple and you don't come across something like that too often!
And I have searched a while to get my hands on such colours, and then fail in the making haha.
Better luck next time, right!?

Primer - Medusa Stick it! Eyeshadow Primer
Shadows - Drama Queen & Spellbound Multi Use Mineral Pigments from Mad Minerals. Gold Glow Eyedust from Make Up Store.
Eyepencil - S.O.P.H.I.E Pencil from Illamasqua
Eyeliner - S.O..P.H.I.E Pencil by Illamasqua
Mascara - Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes in Black
Eyebrows - Lancome Le Crayon Eyekohl in Bronze

Over and out!


BaByLux said...

Love it !! *-*

Naomi said...

Would you believe I wasn't successful in my nail art yesterday too? lol. Anyway, i still like your look, anything with a purple shade is good to me!

Miss Kwong said...

I sitll like your look, but I understand that u said it might look a bit too greasy. Cuz too much shimmer over the lid? Nonetheless it looks gorgeous!

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Kassie said...

I really love it! The grey purple looks great with the slight yellow duochrome :)

Anonymous said...

What would be an equivalent (US/North American) product to the Gold Glow Eyedust? It looks beautiful, but I wouldn't want to go to the trouble of trying to order it from Europe...

Robyn said...

What on earth are you talking about, gurl? It looks lovely!

Iridescent Colors said...

Greasy or not- the colors are fab!

shortylegsbeauty said...

It looks just as amazing as always if you ask me :)
I really love it :)

olgiepolgie said...

It looks sensational from here! The colours are amazing.

Luna said...

I don't see anything wrong with this one.
It's a pretty look and the colors are fabulous !

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