Tuesday, 19 June 2012


What kind of tutorial would you like to see?
Eyes? Lips? Colourful? Smokey? Natural? Glitter?

Let us know!!


D D said...


Ana said...

Eyes and lips, colourful (which, to me, includes glitter, rhinestones et al. :D ).

I think everybody does smokey and a lot of people do neutral, or at least that's what they wear in daily life.

I turn to EyeGrafitti for something more and it has always delivered.

Kavi said...

I'd love for some cool eye shadow tutorials! :)

Beata said...

ALL!! :D

Martukya said...

Now, seriously, a colourful wereable tutorial or more special night-party glittery would be awesome options! :D

Luna said...

All :-D
But mostly any kind of eyelooks !

Pearl Squirrel said...

I'd love to see some step by step eyelook tutorials. Like some work in progress snapshots to see how you build up a look. It inspires me to take a different approach sometimes :) But I love your lip tutorials too!

Miss Sparkle said...

Here are some ideas:

How to put on false eyelashes (yeah I don't know how...)
The $20 makeup challenge
Waterproof summer beach/pool makeup
Glitter overload eye
Your favorite lipstick combinations

Hope this was helpful!

Kaki @ GlitterObsession said...

Different ways to wear the same shadow. I know a lot of us turn to a specific color for one specific job in a certain look, but it'd be nice to see a shadow being versatile. And I agree with everything above!

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