Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Violent Lips Shopping Spree

Ok, so a few weeks ago when Violent Lips had a 40% whole order discount, we simply couldn't restrain ourselves! So this is what we got from them:

The Multi-Checkered
The Zebra
The Pink Giraffe
The Red Glitteratti
The Magenta Glitteratti
The Crimson Glitteratti
The Gold Glitteratti
The Pink Glitteratti
The Hot Pink & Black Stripes
The Warm Rainbow
The Red Polka
The Purple & Coral Halftone
The Blue Glitteratti
The Raspberry Swirl - Glitteratti Mix
The Black Cherry - Glitteratti Mix
The Strawberry Lemonade - Glitteratti Mix
The Red Velvet - Glitteratti Mix
The Honey Dew Right - Glitteratti Mix
The Blueberry Dream - Glitteratti Mix
The Cold Rainbow
The Purples
The Reds
The Pinks 

We're really excited to try them all out especially the Glitteratti ones since we've got such a soft spot for glitters! 

Anyone who has tried Violent Lips on?
Please share your experience!

Phlox & Azure


Tone-Lise said...

Omg, these looks so damn cool!
I really want to try some of them out! <3

D D said...

i can't wait to see it on your foxy lips girls xoxo

Star Vogue said...

Cant wait to see them on with your eye looks!

Beata said...

Wow! I can't wait for note about it! :)

Princessa said...

wow :) I had one of their lip tattoos in one of my recent glossyboxes and I gave it away. :)


Janine said...

Can't wait to see them on your lips! i would purchase one just to try them!

Sharlynn said...

I've seen them around but have yet to try them and I doubt I will unless for some special look or occasion! I've got a guy I regularly kiss and I've heard this really gets in the way of eating/drinking and giving people kisses!

I'm sure they'd be an awesome addition to the looks you guys create! Do go crazy! can't wait!

BostonPrincess said...

I can't wait to see these!

Boston Princess

gio said...

Wow! What a great haul! Can't wait to see these on your lips!

Patric Ronald said...

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• Ju Menezes • said...

Omgaaawwd!! thats a great haul! i cant wait to see you with this glitteratti MIIIIXX! :D

Boho Vanity said...

so much fun! can't wait to see :)

x Jordan
- Boho Vanity -

Geena said...

Holy crap! Bet we're gonna get a lot of lip posts coming up! Can't wait!

Beata said...

Thank u very much Phlox for leaving a comment under my entry :) If my makeup is gorgeous then your make-up's are the most beautiful in the world :)

Beata said...

Ohh this is very nice what you're saying :) I especially enjoyed your words because I think that you and your friend have a great talent :)

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