Sunday, 29 April 2012

New Inglot Palette

So, when I friend of mine was going to see her family in Poland offered to get me some stuff from Inglot because it's suppose to be much cheaper there I simply couldn't refuse. And boy, am I glad she did. She got me one palette with ten square pans from the freedom system plus one for Azure, which was the same as I got just different colours. And this sweet deal only coast me 65 euros! Incredible! So I guess the place one should get Inglot is on its home ground!

If you're curious of the different shadows from Inglot there's some really great swatches here Name That Inglot. The blog owner has done a remarkable job describing the different textures on the eyeshadows and really capturing them all in pictures! Not all of them are there but still loads of them! 

Also Temptalia has made an incredible thoroughly gallery with Inglot swatches, check it out here

Here's the swatches of my new goodies. All are swatched over MAC Studio Tech NC 20


Friday, 27 April 2012

Sweet Pink Lipstick by NYX

Okay so there's nothing not to like about this lipstick! It got sooooo good coverage, the colour is people-turning-around-amazing and it makes you want to wear it all the time!
I'm wearing Sweet Pink Matte Lipstick from NYX! You can see a swatch of it here.
Unfortunately in pictures it looks very similar to Shocking Pink, but IRL it's not.
Sweet Pink is more purple-like compared to Shocking Pink, and a bit paler if that's a good way to describe it!
I'm in love with NYX and their lipsticks!
I just added a bit gloss on top of it to not have the matte lips, but one does as one feels like!
This is an ace amongst my other lipstick and I'll be wearing it a lot this summer!

Over and out!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Lip Care Routine

A few years back I was literally addicted to Vaseline! Every fifth minute I had to smear some Vaseline on and I had a jar of it in my purse, one in my jacket and one in my bedroom just to make sure my lips wouldn't get dry!
It was just crazy but still it felt like my lips were incredible dry, like they never got any moisture at all. This went on until I actually realized what was in that tin jar; Petroleum Jelly or Mineral Oil! This substance do anything but moisturizes the lips, it actually removes the moisture from the skin leaving the lips drier than before! So I decided to stop using it, even though I was absolutely terrified that my lips would get all chapped and painful. 
To my relief they didn't, instead I didn't need to moisturize them every fifth minute and I just settled with doing it in the morning and before bedtime and sometimes at noon. But that was it! These days I very rarely get chapped lips and they never feel dry, like they did before.
I must admit that I'm a bit torn with this whole mineral oil debate, I haven't really decided where I stand and I do use make up products that contain mineral oils, but I figure that if I use it on top of vegetable oils it wouldn't do any harm to my skin. Enough talk about that, here's my lip care routine! 

Lip scrub from Lush called Pow Wow, Ultrabalm also from Lush and Chapstick from Fresh and Wild (I got mine at Whole Foods). I use the Ultrabalm in the mornings and before bedtime, and if I need to do a touch up during the day I use the chapstick, which is petroleum free!

I try to scrub my lips twice a week just to get ride of access skin so they appear to be smoother. The Pow Wow form Lush is pretty interesting because it kind of pops! One can even hear it! So cool!

 The result: smooth, luscious and chapped free lips!

Got any great lip care tricks?


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Manly 120 Palette

It's been ages since I used my manly palette so I thought it was about time to dust the old pal off! I do adore the pigment in all the eyeshadows but I really dislike how strong scented they all are.
In fact I really hate it and every time I open it to use the palette I'm getting reminded why I don't use it more often. The terrible terrible whiff of perfume that just pops out, or odor would be a more appropriate word for it! But the colours are just amazing so I guess I just need to learn how to hold my breath longer!!

Anyways, here's the list:
Primer - Medusa Stick It!
Shadows - Manly 120 Palette, Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow in Lumi
Eye pencil - NYX Slim Eyepencil in Black
Eyeliner - Illamasqua's Precision Ink in Abyss
Mascara - Illamasqua Masquara in Raven
Eyebrow - Illamasqua Fine Pencil in Eerie

Any thoughts on the Manly Palette?


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Barry M with glitter

Kind of having Barry M maniac today! Been so long since I used them! And of course glitter, since everything gets better with glitter (do I say that too often!?).
I tried starting a bit different than normally, I often begin with the area closest to the tear ducts and making it darker.
It framed the eyes in a whole new way, which I like.
But today I started with the dark colour at the corner of the eye. I think it's good to do the looks in different ways, otherwise it's easy to get stuck.
Do you also make sure to create your looks differently?

Products in motion:
Primer - Medusa Stick It! Eye Shadow Primer
Shadows - Barry M Aqua Gold, Aqua Frost, Black Purple & Gold Iridescent pigments
Eyepencil - Snowflake by MUS
Eyeliner - Night Fever Glitter Eyeliner from Collection 2000
Glitter - Too Faced Glamour Dust Blue Angel attached with Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue
Mascara - Skinny Brush Mascara by Eyeko
Brows - Tri Brow Colour from MUS


Monday, 23 April 2012

11 Questions Tag!

The colourful blogger Lisanne has tagged us to the 11 Questions Tag. 
After seeing her answers on her blog (which you must check out!!) this seemed as a pretty fun tag!
So why not just answer her questions, and then.... it's our turn!
Rules first!

1. Each tagged person must answer the 11 questions given to them by their "tagger" and post it on their blog
2. Then, choose 11 new people to tag and link them in your post.
3. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
4. Go to their page and tell them they've been tagged!
5. Do not tag back the person who has already tagged you.

Okay so here we go!

1. When did your love for beauty/nailpolish/pretty sparkly stuff begin?
Azure: I started very early to apply make up (I was eleven) and just after beginning I got a pair of black and silver falsies from my aunt. And was completely sold. The real fun stuff began when I was about seventeen and the boundaries of what was too much got fuzzy. After that everything has just escalated!
Phlox: I think I was around 7 when I first tried on some creamy lipgloss that I found in my mothers little make up stash, still remember the colour of it and it was dark maroon and I thought I looked so cool! Then when I turned 11 I stared to wear mascara on a regular basis!

2. What’s is the beauty product you just can’t live without?
Azure: Glitter, I think. But mainly because it's such a minor detail, but it makes the biggest difference. 
Phlox: Oh, tough one! Must be eyeshadows, because one can simply play around so much with them and use them for much more than on just the eyes. Pretty sure they could be used as concealer too, one just have to find the right colour! 

3. If you could meet anybody, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Azure: This is an easy one. Steve Carell of course. Why? Because we would have so much fun, I would probably get a new pair of dimples! 
PhloxThis is probably going to sound weird, but I would like to meet Steve Irwin and let him take me around Australia, teaching me all about poisonous snakes, dangerous crocodiles and fascinating sharks! Nothing romantically though, simply educational and because he got such energy and charisma and seem to know everything there is to know about these creatures!   

4. What’s your favourite thing about blogging?
Azure: All the super kind, and intelligent people you get in touch with! And there's always someone who has tried the new whatever-it-might be and you can ask all the questions you couldn't do to someone at a make up counter!
Phlox: All the knowledge that simply flows around here in the cyberspace and that one is just a click away from seeing something so creative and cool and colourful that it just blows your mind. Also all the positive people we've got in touch with and all the new stuff that's yet to try out!

5. If you could design a make-up collection. What would it look like? Give us a a description of the products you would include and a name of the collection too!
Azure: Tough one! I think I would go for a glitter collection. And with that I mean everything is going to be glittery. Lipsticks, mascaras, eyeliners, eye & lippencils. And a name for the collection would be....: Glitter Maniac Make Up! 
Phlox: It would be a set of products that keeps me matte all day long, and really keeping that promise! Something for us oily or unwillingly shiny ones out there and I would call it: Matte Maniacs (just to follow Azure's lead)!

6. What’s your favourite movie or tv show?
Azure: That changes depending on what I saw recently. Tv show at the moment is Grey's Anatomy (lame I know!), and movie... right now I'd say Princess and the Frog.
Phlox: I'd say Jaws or something with zombies or vampire (not the Twilight bs but the real deal) in it. There's something with zombies that seems to always calm me down! I'm not a tv show person but there's one that really got a hold on me and that's GRIMM! 

7. If you had to listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, what genre would you choose?
Azure: Punk rock probably. Hate to just pick one, but that's the first I had in my mind.
Phlox: Hate to pick just one but if someone would hold a gun against my head, forcing me to choose I'd pick Alternative Rock!

8. Do the people around you get your love for make-up? How do they respond when the find you squeeling over something beauty related?
Azure: Haha! I have converted some in to falling in love with make up, but I still sometimes get yawns and "Oh it's that make up you're talking about!?"
Phlox: Mostly positive response, and a lot of the people around me have started to use more make up after I entered their lives! My dad even stared to trim his eyebrows after I did it on him, huge I know! 

9. Can you describe us your perfect date?
Azure: A video game race with the old school Nintendo 8-bit (where I win of course!) and then some fruit salad.  
Phlox: Diving at the Great Barrier Reef and after a whole day, he's still not boring me out! 

10. What’s your biggest make-up fail from the past?
Azure: I over-plucked my brows my first time and got real anxious! I ran around looking for famous people with thin brows and didn't find any! But since then I never plucked them too much at a time. You live, you learn.
Phlox: That's got to be the same as Azure, over-plucked eyebrows although I'm still suffering from it today but I'm trying really hard to grow them back. Oh, and there was this one time my cousin said that it was so cool to wear really dark powder on the face so I did that, when I was 14 I think. But never again...

11. What do you do when you don’t have any inspiration for blogposts?
Azure: Let Phlox blog haha! No but I think I'll look around at other blogs, because there's always so many fantastic people out there doing very cool things, and there's always something that I would like to try or interpret my way.
Phlox: I always turn to nature when I'm out of inspiration and my favorite places to look is under water or the rain forrest. One can find the coolest colourcombinations there is on different species. Or I look around the internet to see what others been up to lately and usually that does the trick!

Phew! So now we have some questions to be answered!

Here is what we would like to know:
1. If you could be a mutant, what mutant power would you have?
2. Lipstick on the eyes, or eyeshadow on the lips?
3. Which song is the ultimate best song with lyrics, music and artist included?
4. Do you feel uncomfortable having someone else doing your make up? 
5. Which celebrity would you like to do a total make over on, and why?
6. Which make up trend is getting no where near your face?
7. What's your magic trick to get the perfect looking complexion? 
8. Colour your hair like the rainbow or shave it all off?
9. Best liquid or gel eyeliner you've ever laid your hands on?
10. What brand do you own most of your make up from and why?
11. If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

And we are tagging these wonderful people!
Esther at Fab Fingertips
Ivanita at Antoniaivana
Dslrbbit from Genericwhore
Gosia at Addicted to make up
Indie from Girliereview
The Peach from Just Peachy
Vanessa at Gone2rehabBRB
Marjolein from The Art is Make Up
Koko from Special Koko
The lovely ArtLook4U
Sasha from Nihrida

Phlox & Azure

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sugarpill Asylum Lips

So I've been on a quest after a metallic red lipstick for quite some time now when I suddenly got an epiphany! Why don't I just try Sugarpill's Asylum on my lips?!
I simply grabbed the Duraline sealer from Inglot and started to mix it together with Asylum. 
And I was very thrilled about the result. It was everything I ever wanted, except for the fact that my lips got drier than the Mojave Desert! But on the good side, long-lasting combination!

 But then I just had to add some black eyeshadow just for fun! I used one from a Sleek palette! 

Do you ever get a specific colour or product stuck in your head?


Friday, 20 April 2012

Corrupt by Illamasqua

Want some perfect medium pink lips for spring or summer?
This pink is beyond cute, it is almost a-little-girl-jumping-around-with-pony-tail-pink, but I still like it!
I wear Corrupt Lipstick from Illamasqua, and the colour is great.

But is it just me or does anyone else has a problem with the lipsticks being verrrry dry?
The crumbliness is even visible on the pictures and all I want to do is apply a thick layer of gloss on the lips.
Well I'll use it in the future for the sake of the colour, but I will always add something smooth on top of it that's for sure!


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Time for Pearls!

After seeing the great La Coloropata using pearls in the face I fell in love with that idea! Take a look at her lovely look, and if you're not amazed by her, go x-ray your head haha!
So Phlox ordered some "pearls" from our dear friend eBay and this is my look of it!
This makes me want to go crazy, and it is really hard to restrain oneself from gluing pearls in the whole face!
And this is how I want to look at my funeral. Is that weird?
There isn't much more to say than there will be a whole lot of pearly looks from now on!!

Primer - Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eye Shadow Helper
Shadows - Washed Ashore, Magenta Madness, Summer Breeze, Aquamarine & Bamboo from The Monaco Palette by Sleek
Eyepencil - Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Devotion
Mascara - Phenomen'Eyes Black by Givenchy
Detail - Pearls from eBay attached with DuoGlue
Brows - Le Crayon Eyekohl Bronze from Lancome

Over and out!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sultry Blue Eyes

Since I'm very fond of accentuated darker brows I do try to challenge myself from time to time and wear "less" brows than I tend to do!
I always do my brows before I start with putting eyeshadow on so I ended up with quite darker eyes just to balance my lighter brows.
I also tried the NYX Candy Glitter Liner in Hot Candy on top and it sure surprised me how much more blue it appeared on instead of pink, one could just get a hint of the pink in different lights!

Products used:
Primer - NYX JEP in Milk
Shadows - Sleek Palette in Bad Girl, Sugarpill Eyeshadow in Tako & Afterparty, Mad Minerals Multi Use Mineral Colors in Sultry Blue, Airy & Wedding
Eye pencil - NYX Slim Eyepencil in Black
Eyeliner - Illamasqua's Precision Ink in Abyss
Mascara - Illamasqua Masquara in Raven
Eyebrow - Illamasqua Fine Pencil in Peace


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Eyeliner Angle Tutorial

Okay so there's a lot of ways to paint eyeliner, but we got a request from Kaki at GlitterObsession to show a proper angle of the eyeliner.
But please note that this is not the only angle to do your eyeliner. Depending on the result you can angle it in any direction.
A Cleopatra look for example goes out way much straighter from the corner of the eye, or if you want a super energetic look (like the german mom in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory) it flicks up in the much abnormal way.
But this is a good ordinary eyeliner.
Okay, let's hit it!

I started with brows, and simple shadows to make the eyeliner stand out more.
I've used Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin with Puzzle Cube from Shiro Cosmetics on top of that.

To show you the angle in this case, I took my tweezer and angled it based on my waterline. This is the benchmark to go from.

The eyeliner in use is Precision Ink in Abyss from Illamasqua.Start with just one line to make sure to follow your angle from the waterline. I need to adjust mine. 

So I painted a bit more under the line to get a proper angle.

Depending on how thick or long the eyeliner should be is up to you, but I chose to go a bit thick today. I like my eyeliner really thin the closer to the tear duct I get, but of course that's optional and sometimes depending on the shape of the eye.

I think I settle with this for today. Notice that I have shaped it up and made the flick more wing-like.

Fill in the whole area and then you'll see if there's any necessary touch up you must do.

If not, apply your mascara (The Masquara Raven from Illamasqua is on me). Sometimes the thing with eyeliner is that it looks so much sharper and not appealing at all before mascara. And after applying it, the whole look gets much more softer, so if you're unsure of how it all is going to look, wait with removing anything until the mascara is on. 

Finished result!
Here you'll see the shape of it when I'm looking down!

Sum up of products:
Primer - Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin
Shadows - The Legends Collection in Puzzle Cube from Shiro Cosmetics
Eyepencil - Snowflake from MUS
Eyeliner - Precision Ink Abyss by Illamasqua
Mascara - The Masquara In Raven from Illamasqua
Brows - Le Crayon Eyekohl Bronze from Lancome

Did anything make sense? Or do you have another point of view when it comes to the angle? Please let us know!
Otherwise I hope you'd find this useful!

Over and out!
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