Friday, 20 January 2012

Tropical with SugarPill Tutorial

So here's the tutorial for my last post. Hope you'll find it useful for the weekend! And also have a great weekend, with sleeping in, partying or just slacking if that's what you like haha!
Let's get to it shall we!

Clean start. Complexions, and a primer:  Stick It! Eyeshadow Primer from Medusa Cosmetics

Goldilux in the crease, applied with a fluffy brush. I tried not to blend so much, just pressing the pigment on the lid, to keep the sparkles not fly around so much. 

Time for colour! First I applied Tipsy close to the tear duct, but kept the closest part blank for later

Then Darling, right next to Tipsy. To make them fade together, just slightly dab the brush where the colours meet. And this blurry photo was all I had taken of this section, but you can see the sparkle at least!

I framed the eye by putting Magpie at the end of the crease, and blended it together with Goldulux. To shape up the eye, don't do your crease further down. I like to follow the angle from the waterline. Does that make sense?

Take some Starling and place it at the corner of the eye, meeting up with Darling and Magpie.

Time to colour the waterline. I like white as you all know by now, but to this I could've gone green, or blue. This is Snowflake from Make Up Store. I also put some highlighter on the browbone and blended it with GoldiLux and Magpie to get soft edges. I used Puzzle Cube from Shiro Cosmetics in The Legends Collection

I like my tear ducts to be bright, therefor is my habit to paint them with my white pencil. And this doesn't have to be neat...

... because I blend it with a synthetic brush. I also blend it in between my lower lashes, to not get a stripe with bare skin.

Take a light blue eyepencil and paint a line under the bottom lashes. This is Blue Lagoon from Make Up Store.

Blend it out slightly before putting some Darling in the middle

Then place Starling in the corner again, and blend it in with Darling

If you don't like a too strong eyeliner, do it this way! I took a real small brush with some Stella on it (black eyeshadow) and painted it a bit in the corner, and worked it in with the other colours

Apply your highlighter on the white pencil around the tear duct. Make sure to meet up with Tipsy, so it's not blank up there. Still using Puzzle Cube.

Do your brows and apply your favorite mascara and admire your noble work of art.

This is the look when looking down. See the soft eyeliner.

I felt I wasn't done yet, so I attached some gems under the bottom lashes. Gold could be suitable too, or turquiose, just take your favorites

But I just glued them on one eye, for bigger effect...

This could of course not be bad with glitter, or if you'd like a thick eyeliner either. I'm not just the biggest fan of using eyeliner, don't know why.

Sum up of products:
Primer - Stick It! Eyeshadow Primer by Medusa
Shadows - SugarPill Loose Eye Shadows in Tipsy, Starling, Magpie, Stella, Darling & Goldilux. Puzzle Cube from the Legends Collection by Shiro Cosmetics
Eyepencil - Snowflake by MUS
Mascara - Helena Rubenstein Lash Queen Mascara Black
Eyebrow - Tri Brow Colour from MUS
Rhinestones - Aquamarine from MUS



Powdered Almond said...

Gorgeous, you're so clever and honestly I really think I'm learning something from reading the tutorials from you two lovelies. Keep 'em coming and one day I'll be as good as this! :-) x

Frankenstyna said...

Your eye looks are stunning, but your naked eye is beautiful as well!

Within My Eyes said...

Beautiful!! I am loving the rhinestones with this look too!

Princessa said...

I like how you combine colours which I would not put together and it always looks great. This inspires me for some combinations I wouldn't have done without having seen this on you before :)

artlook4u said...

I simply love it! Nice blending - as always, colors so summery and tutorial really good :) Full package! :*

Pearl Squirrel said...

Great to see how you put a look together! I often don't know where to begin when I want to use this many colors.

I also like to follow the angle of my waterline when applying eyeshadow in the outer V. Following the right lines and angles can really make a big difference :)

Dame said...

amazing make-up! nice colors!

DramanMakeup said...

It really looks amazing!! xxx

p.s.giveaway on my blog :)

dslrbbt said...

Just lovely!

Scarlett said...

This is amazing!!!!
Thank you so much for following my blog, I would have followed you back sooner but there's no link to your blog on your profile!! :)

Gisell the Hairstylist said...

i am going to try it! love it


I am soooo jealous of your natural eyelashes! <3 them!!!!

sugarbumpkin said...

Oooh thanks for doing a tutorial! I have most of the Sugarpill products used here so I will definitely try to recreate this!

olgiepolgie said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I'll have to give this one a go with similar colours I have.

Luna said...

nice tutorial ! And i love the colors you used here !! You have such beautiful eyes ;)

Antonia-Ivana said...

You did an awesome job on the tutorial, it's very good.

Marianna Cantarini said...

very ingenious! I'm an italian beautician/ makeup artist and I fell in love with your's nice to see talented people!

Marianna Cantarini

D D said...


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