Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Time for Eyeko Mascara

I saw Pixiwoo using Eyeko mascaras in one of their video posts, and got real keen on them, so I bought them all (eh, that's me!) to try them!
And I thought, why not review them as well, so you can see the differences too!
Let's take a look at them first, shall we!?

They arrived in cute packages like this

... with a description on the side of what to expect of each mascara, and you can also tell that the name speaks pretty much of the mascara wands!

And here they are, unpacked. Mascara in tubes, how convenient! Apparently it's easier to get out almost everything of the product, compared to the usual mascara bottles.

And this is such a cute detail! At the top of the tubes, are these 'shields' attached. They are supposed to be used behind the lashes to prevent mascara ending up on the lid. Haven't tried this yet, but on their website is an instruction video where you can watch how they are doing it. To me they are more like guitar pics, so maybe I'll give these to my brother haha!

Moving on to the next step: the try out!

I started with the Eyeko Curvey Brush Mascara!
Here is it, and look at that uncommon brush! One of the reasons why I wanted to try it!

Try out mode: Just wearing complexion!

Now I've just applied one layer of the Curvey Brush Mascara. Not disappointed. Elegant lashes, not to thick.

With the second coat they got thicker, but not longer. I'd say this is a very good mascara for everyday use. One thin layer applied on bottom lashes.

The next to give it a try is the Skinny Brush Mascara. The brush is made skinny to give one a lot of mascara to work with on the brush.
Again, just complexion on me.
First layer! It was hard in the beginning not to get too much mascara and ending up with just three lumps around the eye, so this demands some zig zag moves with the wand. But the result is pretty good!

A lot more volume and thickness comes with the second coat, and this is how I like mascaras! Bold and brave! I also applied a tiny amount on the bottom lashes.

Last but not least is the Fat Brush Mascara. Big sized brush mascara as you sure knew from the name, but it also contains fibers. Not the ultimate mascara for contact wearers.

Starting with a thing layer of foundation and powder.

First layer. It's kinda shy in the beginning, but applying fiber-mascara is all about taking it slow. Don't want any clumps! But this could work in a not to strong look.

Second layer. A lot more happens, and the fibers are working well in thinner layers, building the lashes. Carefully application for the bottom lashes to not get any fibers in the eye.

And the third and final layer. I wanted to try another coat just to see the difference and it sure made a whole lot of it! And without getting those spider legs!
All in all the mascaras was a joy to work with, and I really like the brushes and they were so unlike each other, as well as other mascara brushes.
I find them good for different occasions; the Curvey one for casual looks, she Skinny one for bolder looks and the Fat one when you want the opportunity to build the lashes for the look you want for the moment.

They last very good through the day, and mainly because they remind a lot about waterproof mascaras. They are not profiled as waterproof, more water resistant.
But when I washed my face for the night, I found them quite hard to get off. I'm not a big fan of waterproof mascaras, because when you need them to hold (like during rain) the run off, but when wanting them off they stick like glue!
So these Eyeko Mascaras didn't suit me in that way, but I like the rest of them, so I will use them but when it's time to wash the face I bring out the oiler face cleansers.
And it will be worth the while!

I'll ask Phlox if she could try all of them out just so you get a glimpse of someone else wearing them and also her thoughts on the differences of these mascaras!



Gray said...

Thank you so much for your comment! :)
I also want to wish you all the best in the new year :*** :)

olgiepolgie said...

Wow. That's some impressive mascara, although it helps that you have freakishly long lashes to begin with!

Alicia said...

I can definitely see the lengthening and volumizing effects this mascara has! I know what you mean about waterproof mascaras - impossible to wash off at the end of the day, and it drives me nuts, lol!

Makeup and Macaroons said...

All the mascaras look great on you, but then you already have enviable lashes to begin with! I've not tried Eyeko mascaras at all but looks like I'll have too.

SilhouetteScreams said...

All 3 of them look great, but you do have crazy awesome lashes to begin with :) *is jealous*

k-rocka said...

mascara in tube??:D omg
i've never seen something like that;p

Fab Fingertips. said...

Wow these look great and I love that you can get every last bit out!

Pearl Squirrel said...

Great review!

I am so envious of your lashes. Mine are like 1/3 that length and don't have any curl at all.

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