Friday, 13 January 2012

Lush new Liptints!

I stopped by Lush yesterday, and maybe that was a mistake because I got home with soooo much in my bag. Let me take that back, shopping at Lush is never a mistake. 
Anyways, they had just received the new Liptints; Latte and A Million Kisses. I have It Started With A Kiss and like it so much. You can see me wear it here.
I got happily surprised by that tint, so that's the main reason to purchase the new ones.

Here they are, shiny new!

Look at this deep red, and it's got shimmer!

This one is shimmery as well, and it's supposed to smell like latte, but I'm getting more of a nutty scent, but that could be my nose!

Swatches of Latte and A Million Kisses. I wanted a good coverage here, so there's a lot of product.

Then I took my finger and smudged out what was left of it, just to get the colour of them with just un ounce of product.

And I couldn't restrain my self, so I put the red one on first. And man, this is so beautiful! A good red, with a nice depth, and shimmer! It's nicely burgundy coloured, and I can see me wearing this a lot!
So here's IRL swatches of A Million Kisses!

And today I just had to wear Latte. Latte comes in handy when not wanting to strong lips, because it has a peachy brown colour. Though, I should have taken not this much, because my lips look a bit flat. I could see me wear this with a pink lippencil underneath it, to spice it up and match the peach shimmer.
Or if I was black, I think this would have look just as fantastic as A Million Kisses, so all you chocolate flavored ladies (or guys too!) this one will be fabulous on you!
This isn't the first time I wishes I was black...
Well my IRL swatches looks like this!

These will be well used by me, that's for sure!
Lush is on to a real good idea here!



Lojs said...

Haha, at least once a month I wish I was black. It's prettiness.
And oh. Lush <3

KimsKie's Nails said...

Wooo... I didn't know they were so pigmented!

Good to know! Lovely colors!

Makeup Zombie said...


Lady Bethezda @ Bethezda's Preocupations said...

WOW. I didn't realize they were so pigmented! I'm glad there's not a Lush where I live, I have to travel to Toronto and pay Canadian exchange rates. That's good for me because I LOVE LUSH and it could be veeerrrryyy dangerous to have one "one my way home from work." :)

Powdered Almond said...

Oh my goodness! I thought these would be kind of like lipbalms! I can't believe the colour in them! I really like that Latte, it reminds me of one of the first lipsticks I ever bought. Amazing. x

The Peach said...

Oh wow! So pretty! I thought these were going to be more like lip balms too! Great score! And I hear you about coming home with more than you planned ;)

sugarbumpkin said...

Ahhh these are sooo pretty!

Robyn said...

Oh, wow! Bloody hell, these look really nice! I'm not normally that big of a Lush fan - I like some things and really do NOT like some others - but these look excellent! I need Latte.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

I want to buy these every time I'm at Lush.
Always talk myself out of it. I have plenty of reds in my collection.

Now, Latte, however, is unique to anything I own. So I muuuuuuuust have. It. Nao.

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