Friday, 2 December 2011

To make up the mind!

Yep, so this is my Friday look of this week, and I'm pink eyed hehe! (I'm thinking about that choir-moment in The Other Guys, where Will Ferrel is in some weird on-the-pub-with-old-men-choir and sings a verse where someone is pink-eyed!)
Anyhow, I haven't used the 120 Palette in a while, and completely forgot the feeling of when looking down at all the colours and get: Where do I start?
Happens almost everytime. Not complaining here, it's just a fact!
But pink was the choice of today and I liked this! And I exaggerated the eyeliner to be real thick, because that's also a long time ago!
This blog-thing is so useful when it comes to vary the looks, because from time to time it feels like you're doing the same thing over and over again, and the archives keeps reminding you that it's time to do something different!

The list goes:
Primer - Hight Tech Lighter in Moondust
Shadows - Manly 120 Palette
Eyepencil - Snowflake from MUS
Eyeliner - S.O.P.H.I.E Pencil by Illamasqua
Glitter - NYX Candy Glitter Liner in Purple
Mascara - The Masquara from Illamasqua in Raven
Brow - A black and a brown from 120 Manly Palette

Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!


sparklethat said...

wow i love the purple glitter liner on the bottom :) great post! following :) followback?

Charlotte Sparkle said...

Lovely eye makeup.

sugarbumpkin said...

This is beautiful, as always. The tail of glitter on the lower lashline really adds an extra something special to the look. I love your EOTD posts, as they are very inspiring!

Melissa said...

Fabulous look, as usual!

Desert Rose said...

well done!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I love the little peachy gold highlight under your brow!

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