Saturday, 17 December 2011


Here's a smokey I did a while ago that I forgot to post, and I'm showing you this since my lashes are in a total mess! I have been losing so many lashes in short time, so now I'm jumping up and down to make them grow out again!
Therefor I reminisce with this look, a purple-brown smokey eye!
Ohhh, I so want them back!!!
Anyway, this is a combo with The Original palette and The Oh So Special palette from Sleek, beautiful colours to combine!

The list goes:
Primer - High Tech Lighter Moondust from MUS
Shadows - The Original & The Oh So Special Palette from Sleek
Eyepencil - Clouded Sky from MUS
Eyeliner - NYX Slide On Pencil in Purple Blaze
Mascara - Helena Rubenstein Lash Queen Mascara Black
Eyebrow - Tri Brow Colour by MUS



Gray said...

So pretty ;)

olgiepolgie said...

Lovely as always! You do have amazing lashes: I have total lash envy.

Leira Yann said...

Lovely. I want to have the sleek palette, but i heard that the shipping handling is awful. I dare not to place for a possible broken palette.

Saimese said...

This is so beautiful. You are SO talented!

Iridescent Colors said...

wow!! love!!!

Monica In Essence said...

nice! really awsome combination of colors!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Why don't I ever use gold in the crease? You rock it so well.

And your lashes are to die for

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Great colour combo!!

shortylegsbeauty said...

I LOVE THIS look :)

Speaking of loosing eye shadows... I have been loosing a lot of eye shadows lately too... I don´t know whats going on.. luckily they do grow back out but its no fun while waiting for them to do so :(


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