Saturday, 3 December 2011

Hearts for Shiro Cosmetics

A while ago we purchased some goodies from Shiro Cosmetics, thanks to Yelaya when I revealed my passion for Zelda. She tipped me of Shiro who had come up with an entire collection of pigments named after characters or objects from this endlessly wonderful video game. 
I had to take a hugh breath before entering the page, and luckily I sat down (so no risk of falling there!) when looking at all the Zelda colours.
They are amazing, and what thrills me the most is how well she interpreted the character to the colour, they match in a way I can't imagine how she pulled it through!
I couldn't decide which shades to exclude so... I bought the whole collection. Heh!? 
She has also done other collections of which I have watch (and bought!) with colours such as Pikachu (yellow with red sparks) Gengar (black-purple with similar sparks) or Poliwrath (darkened rain cloud blue with golden hints).
Have been a bit busy lately to swatch them but I'll take time for that soon so you'll see how lovely they are.
Here is my first look using the Zelda Collection (at the webpage, look for the Legends Collection).
And btw, Puzzle Cube is the most interesting high lighter I've seen in years!

Primer - High Tech Lighter in Sunglow from MUS
Shadows - Shiro Cosmetics Legends Collection in Hearts, Like Like, Zelda, Triforce, Puzzle Cube & Ganondorf
Eyepencil - Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Cane
Eyeliner - None
Mascara - The Masquara in Raven from Illamasqua
Brows - Le Crayon Eyekohl Bronze from Lancome

Over and out!


Morgaine said...

I did a look with these shades last week, they are awesome and I love your look!!

yelaya said...

Oh, what a beautiful look!! I love hearts, i haven't got this shade, i thought it was too red but you have used it really well!

Liza said...

I love Shiro, need to get some more from them :) Really nice look!

Gray said...

Thank you so much! That was really nice ;)
I love your make-ups, they are really great! Love that red ;)

Gone2RehabBRB said...

This just gave me another colorgasm.
I adore these shades <3

laura said...

verry beautifull make up !

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