Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Guest Post: How To Do Cheetah Eye Make Up

We have the pleasure to present our first guest post from Aleya, who works at a beauty school. She has done a lovely tutorial for us on how to create cheetah eyes.

How To Do Cheetah Eye Makeup
Sometimes you want to apply basic eye makeup and keep your look simple. Sometimes you want a bit of color so you go for a smokey or parrot eye. However for those times when you really want to play with your eye makeup there’s no design that’s more fun than a cheetah eye makeup style. If you’ve never tried this technique out but want to try it out here are a few tips to help you on your way to getting an outrageously fun look.
Start by applying a primer so that your shadow stays on and doesn’t flake away.
Select the colors that you want to use. You can use the traditional light and dark brown or go for a more fashion forward palette by using color combinations such as purple and pink or blue and yellow. If it’s your first time trying out this look you may want to go the traditional route but if you’re feeling more edgy then go ahead and get creative.
If you’re using brown then apply the lighter shade of brown all over your eye lid area right up to the brow bone. You can stay within the general lid area or you can really elongate it and go to the edge of your hairline.
If you are using a fashion color then it’s up to you which color you want to use as your base.
Use liquid eyeliner to draw spots in the shapes of c’s, o’s and other patterns that you may find on a cheetah. You can draw these shapes all over, starting at the middle or at the edge. It’s really up to you.
Use a small brush to color in the shapes you drew with your liner. 
If you go over the liner with the accent eye shadow color then go over the line again.
Finally, line your eyelid and apply mascara to complete your look.
You can add more detail to the design by using metallic colors to do your makeup. Have fun!
This post was written by Aleya who writes the blog for LI Beauty School which is a beauty school college and Hair Design Institute which is a hair and makeup school with locations throughout New York and Florida.

Fabulous, huh?!
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