Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dear Shiro!

Dear Shiro Cosmetics! We so love you!

Take a breath, a cup of tea and the reading glasses because this is a long one!
I don't want to be annoying and be the one who never stops talking about the Zelda games, but ever since I started playing Zelda, I thought how wonderful life would be with a real Zelda brand of make up.
I got a lovely comment for some time ago by Yelaya that it really existed a Zelda collection. I took one look at the whole collection... and bought it!
I know we have made some looks with the pigments, but I wanted to show them swatched so you can see how lovely they are. And also, for all of you who might have been playing Zelda, I have to say that Shiro has nailed the colours of the characters so well.
So here we go....
The first pic is all pigments on the paper they were folded in. Look at them lovlies! There is also some lip products, but we'll get to that!

Now it's time for swatches! I have swatched them in the same order as the website at Shiro in case you want to compare them. 
All swatches are applied on my arm with nothing but foundation (Rich Liquid Foundation from Illamasqua in RF 135). They say to be used without primer but I still wanted a base for the pigments.

Hearts     Subrosia     Dimitri

Octorok     Ricky     Likelike

Rupee     Kokiri Forrest     Link

Farore's Wind     Zora     Oshus

Moosh     Nayru's Love     Ocarina

Veran     Majora's Mask     Din's Fire

Zelda     Puzzle Cube     Temple of Time

Master Sword     Midna     Goron

Triforce     Epona     Boomerang

Small Key     Deku     Ganondorf

An arm full of swatches!
We also bought some other pigments from a collection called The Super Effective Collection.

Meowth, Pikachu, Porygon, Team Rocket, Gengar, Poliwrath, Rattata

All in all I'd say that these pigments have such amazing colour pay off. When we received them we tried them on the back of the hand with nothing on, and still got a vivid perspective of the products.
Also, on the bottom of every jar is a sticker with name of the product, ingredients and whether it's lip-safe or not. Good for someone like me with bad memory, because I read about the lip-safeiness on the site and knew that I'd forget it, but here we are!

So here's Veran and it's not lip-safe, but Hearts are! 

So here's my colour-sum up of the pigments:
Hearts: A clear red with tones of pink that shimmers
Subrosia: Deep red with added glitter in red
Dimitri: Brownish red with hints of sparks
Octorok: An orange-brown with hints of red
Ricky: Matt orange with a tiny hue to brown
Likelike: A metallic light yellow with amazing sheen
Rupee: A bright green with sparkles
Kokiri Forrest: A medium metallic green with a light yellow sheen
Link: A clear forrest dark green
Farores Wind: Metallic clear turquoise with silvery sparks
Zora: Medium blue with hues of green
Oshus: Medium blue added with sparkles of gold
Moosh: A clear medium blue with sparks of silver
Nayru's Love: A light blue with metallic sheen and shimmer of silver
Ocarina: Medium blue with a greyish tone
Veran: Dark blue with sparkles of purple and blue
Majora's Mask: A bright cold purple with sparks of gold, green & orange
Din's Fire: Metallis light purple with sparks of silver
Zelda: Coral tone with metallic sheen
Puzzle Cube: A white base filled with sparks of gold, yellow, green, red & blue
Temple of Time: A greyish brown in shimmer
Master Sword: Light brown with green shimmer
Midna: Medium grey with a blue sheen
Goron: A matte yellow brown with subtle sparks in the same hue
Triforce: Medium golden tone with gold shimmer
Epona: A medium brown with a subtle metallic sheen
Boomerang: Bronzed toned brown
Small Key: Golden brown with hint of sparks of silver
Deku: Copper brown base with sheen of green
Ganondorf: A dark brown with a reddish tone and shimmer

Meowth: Nude tone with lots of shimmer
Pikachu: Bright yellow base and small glitters of red
Porygon: Matte pink base with subtle added pink sparks
Team Rocket: Pink-Purple with shimmer
Gengar: Dark purple with sparks of red and blue
Poliwrath: Greyish blue metallic with hints of orange
Rattata: Matte cold purple with tiny hints of blue shimmer

Remember the lip-colours?
Well, we can take a look at them again!

Three Wolfmoon    Forty Cakes    Shoop Da Whoop

Three Wolfmoon, Forty Cakes & Shoop Da Whoop
They are not called lipstick but Intertubes, and they don't remind of lipsticks either!
The shape of them is different, but quite smart actually because they are oval-shaped. Weird is the first thing in mind, and "How does this apply on the lip!?"
But, no worries because it fits the lip and the Cupid's Bow perfectly.
And the texture is between a lip balm and a lipstick, but with much pay off as a lipstick.
Wiho is what I say about them!!

Over and out!
Azure, with some Hm's and aha's from Phlox


A Brilliant Brunette said...

O_O OMG...a Zelda collection??? I looooove Legend of Zelda! The colors are absolutely gorgeous and perfect too.

Robyn said...

I love my intertubes! Nayru's Love looks amazing.

Sana said...

Wow, this is a great post with really helpful swatches. I'm not a big fan of pigments, but these seem to be so pigmented that I might actually give them a try.

Liza said...

Love Shiro. Only tried a few things so far but I definitely want more from them once I have more money!

Leira Yann said...

Wow, So many pretty colors. I want the Din's fire. Azure and Phlox, I want to see you guys wearing Midna! Hehe~~

makeupobsessions said...

The lip colors look amazing!

olgiepolgie said...

Holy crap! So many colours. It's going to take you forever to wear them all. Can't wait!

sgrmse. said...

OH WOWWW!!! i wish we had this brand here. the colours are superduper!!

SilhouetteScreams said...

Yay I love Shiro! I thought the Zelda collection was pretty, but I never purchased anything since I haven't played it and I'm a bit weird about it XD but Midna and Ganondorf really caught my eye. I also like the look of the Shoop Da Whoop intertube. Thanks for the great swatches!

Fab Fingertips. said...

There are some beautiful colours in this collection, eyeshadow envy going on here!

Morgaine said...

Shiro and Caitlin are awesome, great stuff you girls got :-))

Darkness said...

I'm drooling over the pokemon collection for like 5 months** I have to decide!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Great swatches!!

laura said...

wow i WANT this collection ! thanks for the swatches

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