Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Barry M Swatches

We promised swatches of our Barry M eyeshadows as soon as possible, and now we got them! The colour payoff is supreme and the eyeshadows are a joy to work with!
We splitted them in groups of four to make it easier to show them. 
DD stands for Dazzle Dust, and FGD for Fine Glitter Dust
The DD is just like an average loose eyeshadow with lots of shimmer in it. But the FGD is a loose eyeshadow with glitter grains in it which make it so much more fun to wear. Use with your favorite primer to get the best out of them, and personally we think it's better to use a stickier one!

From left to right:
Gold Iridescent (fgd), Yellow Gold (fgd), Gold (dd) & Orange
Swatches of:
Gold Iridescent, Yellow Gold, Gold & Orange

Fro left to right:
Lime (dd), Parrot Green (dd), Opal (fgd) & Petrol Black (dd)
Swatches of:
Lime, Parrot Green, Opal & Petrol Black
From left to right:
Aqua Gold (dd), Aqua Frost (fgd), Baby Blue (dd) & Grey (fgd)
Swatches of:
Aqua Gold, Aqua Frost, Baby Blue & Grey
From left to right:
Cherry Red (dd), Neon Pink (dd), Crimson/Pink (fgd), Black Purple (fgd)
Swatches of:
Cherry Red, Neon Pink, Crimson/Pink & Black Purple
All the swathes were applied on Rich Liquid Foundation 135 from Illamasqua, on Azure's arm!

Our sum up of the pigments:
Gold Iridescent - A white golden base with added glitter in gold
Yellow Gold - A golden base with lots of gold glitter
Gold - Smoothly shimmered golden that looks like it's almost liquid
Orange - Salmon orange with slight of silver shimmer
Lime - Strong medium green with yellow undertone & golden shimmer
Parrot Green - Medium green with silver shimmer
Opal - Black matte base with a lot of green glitters
Petrol Black - Black matte base with tons of green-blue shimmer
Aqua Gold - Medium blue base with gold shimmer which makes it more green
Aqua Frost - Greyish blue with tiny sparks of silver
Baby Blue - Silvery blue with silver-white sheen
Grey - A lighter grey base with a lot of silver glitter
Cherry Red - A bright pinkish red with a nice sheen 
Neon Pink - Bright pink with pink shimmer
Crimson/Pink - Light pink base with lots of pink glitter
Black Purple -  Black matte base spiced with a lot of purple shimmer

Phlox & Azure


Sian said...

Ooh, thanks for this. I am going to peruse a Barry M counter near me soon and was looking around for swatches so I know what I'm getting myself into. I love the petrol black, grey and opal. Haha, I'm such a goth when it comes to make-up. :)


Powdered Almond said...

Oooh thank you, I never want to stick my finger in the testers in store because it's so messy! Petrol black and aqua frost are so pretty.

Desert Rose said...

*_* - hope you had a great Christmas!

Sana said...

Damn, now I totally want Opal, Petrol Black and Black Purple. Thanks for the swatches and the descriptions, they're really helpful!

Kassie said...

I want these so bad!! Gorgeous swatches!

olgiepolgie said...

They're so gorgeous! I really need to whip out mine and start using them again.

Brown Sugar said...

Omg i love love love Aqua gold !!!

yelaya said...

I want aqua frost and gold!!! Happy holidays!!!

Mari-Liis said...

Oooooh, I SO neeed these o_O

Hayley said...

Oooo petrol black is gorgeous! *runs off to barry m site*


Cydonian said...

Aqua Gold and Petrol Black are pretty much my favorites from them... they even look good used in a look together! Mmmm neon pink...

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Petrol Black is the best drugstore thing you can find that comes close to complexity of Fyrinnae shadows.

SilhouetteScreams said...

Unffff I need Gold, Petrol Black, Aqua Gold and Crimson/Pink. Thanks for the swatches! :)

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