Thursday, 3 November 2011

Why I Love Sugarpill!

Because of the greatest pay off ever of course!!! The last three pictures was taken with flash, and look how the colours are burning!
WOW is what I say!
I wanted to focus on the top lid, therefor was the area under the bottom lashes kept white.
And after applying mascara, I felt something was missing. I wanted yet another colour to this, and all I had in mind was blue. So I started creating my own mascara by mixing a brow gel with loose pigment.
How amazing wasn't that!?
Must do it again!

Here's the whole list:
Primer - Illamasqua Fat Pencil in Preversed
Shadows - Buttercupcake, Flamepoint, Love+ and Poison Plum from the Burning Heart Palette, and Tako from the Sweetheart Palette, both from SugarPill. Flash Glow fixing powder from MAD Minerals
Eyepencil - Snowflake from MUS
Mascara - Eyes'Phenomena in Black from Givenchy, last coat brow gel mixed with Inglot AMC Eye Shadow no 58
Brow - Tri Brow Colour from MUS



Cydonian said...

RAWR this is gorgeous. I need that palette. I may ask for it for Christmas!

Ana said...

I've been eyeing Sugarpill (especially the Buttercupcake shadow and the Burning Heart palette) ever since it came out. February 2010, was it? Nearly 2 years of colourful fun :D !

nihrida said...

Amazing colors and I love the blending work you did. Great one!

olgiepolgie said...

What a great idea! I can't wait until my Sugarpill products arrive so I can try this look.

Lillian Funny Face said...

Mmm lovely tropical sunset look! :D I looove Sugarpill, they're so great!

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