Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tutorial on My favorite hue

Yep so here is my first tutorial!
I haven't shown the brushes I've used so shame on me, but I'll try to remember that in the future!

Here we go!

Clean start. I have done my complexions as usual, and primed the lid with High Tech Lighter Platina from MUS

Begin with applying light green near the tear duct, but not all the way down to it. This is Kiwi Zest  from The Monaco Palette, Sleek

Here's the shape of the green. Then put some Mediterranean blue at the crease, but only half way.  Shadow in use: Humming Bird from Monaco Palette by Sleek

Blend them carefully together, we don't want them too blended here

Follow up the crease with a darker blue. I used Obnoxious from the Bad Girl Palette from Sleek

The shape of it all unblended

Blend the darker blue into the light blue, and work slightly up towards to the tip of the brow. For getting a nice blending, use a fluffier brush with a tiny bit of the lighter shade

Time for more green, in this case Apres Midori from Curacao Palette by Sleek. Place it near the light green, but not all the way to the corner of the eye

Take your light green brush and pat it to the other green to make them fade together... this

At the corner of the eye, place a dark green shadow. Here's Green Martini from The Curacao Palette by Sleek

Blend them together so you can't see where one starts and one begins. Also blend it carefully in the dark blue

Add a highlighter. Blend it slightly into the blues so there are no sharp edges. I used Martini from the Monaco Palette by Sleek

Time for eyepencil. This is Snowflake from Make Up Store

Use the same pencil to make some quick lines or dots. This doesn't have to be neat

Blend it with a synthetic brush through the tear duct and the lashes. Spare the remaining area towards the corner of the eye

Do the same at the corner, but use a coloured pencil this time. Mine was Electric Blue Slim Eye Pencil from NYX.

Take a yellow shade, and a light blue and place them on the pencils and blend them together. This is Screwdriver (yellow) and Blue Lagoon (blue) from the Monaco Palette by Sleek. Also add a bit of the highlighter at the tear duct

Result of the blending

Draw an eyeliner but with a pencil, and take a small brush to  blur the beginning if the line into the shadows,and down between the lashes. I used Metallic Sea from Make Up Store as eyeliner 

This is how I shaped it. Do it longer or wider if you like!

Fill in the brows, and shape them up with brow gel, like in my case.  On me: Illamaqua's Powder Eye Shadow in Wolf, and  Brow Set Fix Clear from Make Up Store
Finally mascara, and then you're done! On my lashes is Helena Rubenstein Lash Queen Mascara in Black.

I hope you'd find it useful, and remember to comment your opinions! 

Summary of products:
Primer - High Tech Lighter Platina from MUS
Shadows - Kiwi Zest & Humming Bird from The Curacao Palette, Martini, Screwdriver, Apres Midori, Blue Lagoon & Green Martini from the Monaco Palette, Obnoxious from The Bad Girl Palette. All palettes from Sleek Make Up
Eyepencil - Snowflake from MUS
Eyeliner - Metallic Sea from MUS
Mascara - Helena Rubenstein Lash Queen Mascara in Black
Brows - Powder Eyeshadow Wolf from Illamasqua, and Brow Set Fix Clear from MUS



Princessa said...

WOW! That's amazing! A really great tutorial so I can see how you've created this great look.
Looking forward for many other tutorials


Powdered Almond said...

Such an amazing and useful tutorial. You make it look so easy (but I bet I still manage to fluff it up!) I'm going to have a go though! I don't have these colours, so I'll have to find others. Or maybe Santa will bring me some sleek palettes? Fingers crossed! x

Leira Yann said...

Great tutorial. I want more tutorials. I really think that your tutorial is very helpful.

femputer said...

you have great eyelashes. :} i love the tutorial, thank you!

Cydonian said...

This is great! I will have to try following along to this sometime because your looks are great!

moonchild said...

Great tutorial! But yes, please include brushes next time :)

Dani said...

I love this tutorial because I have such a hard time knowing where to place colors at!

Melissa said...

Great tutorial, you did a great job. Can't wait to try my hand at this :)

Alicia said...

I love your tutorials. It is really helpful to see eye makeup applied step-by-step, in a certain order. Thank you! ^^

Make-up Addiction said...

love this colour combination!
I also love how you did the step by step really allows us to see how everything progresses and comes together keep up the good work FABULOUS!

olgiepolgie said...

The makeup is fantastic, but I can't believe how incredible that mascara is!

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