Monday, 14 November 2011

A Primer Post

We would like to show some of the eye primers we use, because when wanting a good eye make up, primer is the key to success!
We use primers differently considering the look and products in use. 
Well... let's get to it!

High Tech Lighter Moondust from Make Up Store 
First out is the most stickiest primer, a High Tech Lighter from Make Up Store. This particular one looks super yellow, but in fact it's just glowingly gold when applied.
The thing with the High Tech Lighter is to think Less is More, otherwise it will never stop creasing. The amount to use to both eyes is about the size of a pins head, you know the coloured ones.
And second, you have to saturate it completely.
So it takes time to know how to use it, but once you do, this primer is adorable.
High Tech Lighter is best in use for loose pigments, because that's when the sticky part comes in handy. You'll have less fly arounds with a sticky primer.

Liquid Metal Superior from Illamasqua
Next in line we have the Liquid Metal from Illamasqua. These ones are the best to use when wanting a real sparkling undertone to our looks!
And when having this much colour in a primer, it will help to shift the shadows in use. This blue will make an outstanding green when having a yellow shadow on top. Or purple when applying red. Just two examples of how you can blend your own shades together with a primer.
This is a bit drier than the High Tech Lighter, but make sure to not overdose it. And often when we wear this coloured type of primers, it's good to have them from the lashline up to the crease, not up to the brow bone. 
Unless you want a real dark eye make up of course!

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Horse Raddish
Now it's time for the all time bloggers partner in crime: The Jumbo Eye Pencil from NYX Cosmetics. A lot of us junkies use them, and everyone probably knows about it. But for those who hasn't, they are lovely!
It can feel pretty odd to draw on your primer, but get use to it 'cause it works. Just simply draw small lines on the lid, and then smear them to an even layer with finger or brush.
The best thing about the JEPS (shortening) is you can have them as regular pencils too.
And after we learned about how to use the JEPS it got so much easier to use your other pencils as primers as well!

MAC Paint Pot Painterly in Bare Study
This primer is one that's creamy when you apply it, and then sets after a while. It's good when you want things to last, but you got to hurry when getting the look on so to speak!
Therefor I use this a lot to brown looks, because if you get a spot that looks a little uneven it doesn't stand out as it would in a green look, if you know what I mean?
The colour of this is one is shimmery skin tone, reminds a bit about Urban Deacys Primer Potion, which we have but will not show in this post.

We would also like to add before closing this one up, is that when using primers, or all kinds of products in jars or cans, always use something else than fingers or brushes in them.
We use the tip of the brush to collect the wanted amount and place it on the back of the hand. Then using the brush from there to apply it in the face. One can also use q-tips.
If you have fingers or use the brush from the face and down in the jar again, you will add a lot of nasty bacterias. And after a while the product will smell really bad, and that is not nice to have in the face.

Hope you'd enjoy this!
Phlox & Azure


Robyn said...

Oooh, I'll have to check out the MUS ones!

Sana said...

I love posts on primers, I'm kind of a primer-junkie, so thanks for this one :) How come you decided not to write about UD Primer Potion? And other famous primers, such as Too Faced Shadow Insurance? My eyeshadow crease within hours if I don't use a good primer and unfortunately I can't even wear NYX JEP without a primer underneath it.

Fab Fingertips. said...

Very useful post thakyou, the first one looks great, will seek out for a trial.

Ana said...

I love my ArtDeco primer, give it a go if you get the chance.

I love this post, it has shown me a few primers I didn't know about at all!

And I love that you explained the experience with each one and what's the best way to use it :) .

olgiepolgie said...

What a helpful post! I have one of the MUS ones but didn't realise it was an eye primer (coz I'm an idiot). I've been using it as a (very sticky) highlighter for the top of my cheekbones.

Lillian Funny Face said...

Great post, I never use primers because I'm too lazy :P

Make-up Addiction said...

primers are sooo important to keep your eyeshadow staying on all day and to have great colour pay off. I love MAC paint pots and I won't apply eyeshadow to anyone without it! I've never tried the first primer where would u find it in canada?? I love using pigments but you definitely need a primer that can hold onto the pigment so half of it doesn't end up on your cheeks...
great stuff love it, rock it, own it!!!!
@olgiepolgie - if your looking for a great cheek highlighter i definitely recommend Shell from MAC its a light creme with such a sheer beautiful tint to it.

peace love and makeup

Anonymous said...

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