Wednesday, 30 November 2011

More of SugarPill hauls!

Yes we did it again... Couldn't really restrain ourselves.
So what do we end up with? Six new Loose Eyeshadows of course!
You see, they are wonderful, no beyond wonderful!
So good coverage, maximum colour-effect, shiny, sparkling, adorable, bright and dazzling!
We've just tried some of them, since we got them just recently, but will there be looks? Yes it will!
Now let's take a look at them treasures!

(yes we've shown this earlier, but next to these new ones, we just couldn't resist!)
Royal Sugar
Now here's a describing of them all:
Tiara: Pure and clean silver pigment, with a good and full shimmer-effect. Just hints of sparkle, but still visible
Lumi: A white base, but with real interesting green/turquoise shimmer
Tipsy: A grass green with a semi-matte finish, and tiny sparkles that hues in a yellower green
Darling: The most wanted Mediterranean Turquoise/Blue ever seen. Clean turquoise base, with small sparks in white/silver
Starling: A full shimmered blue with a darker undertone, seems to be lighter in the jar than it is on.
Royal Sugar: A super-bright here-I-am blue with a matte base and bigger sparks of green, but in a certain light it appears multi-coloured

Left to right:
Tiara, Lumi, Tipsy, Darling, Starling & Royal Sugar
First row on bare skin
Second row applied on foundation

Are these ones a must have?
Of course!!!!
Now the only thing missing in the collection is Asylum (red) and Absinthe (lime green), then maybe, but just maybe can we settle satisfaction of required products from SugarPill. But that's not a promise....


Sahily Anais said...

Great review! I just placed my order 3 days ago....i cant wait to have royal sugar! Its so beautiful!

KimsKie's Nails said...

Beautiful colors!! ♥

CRYS said...


olgiepolgie said...

I can't wait for the looks using these. Bring them on! I also can't wait for Sugarpill's new colours.

SilhouetteScreams said...

Yay I love Sugarpill! All the colours look great, the only one I have from this bunch is Lumi. I've been lemming Tiara for the longest time because I need a silver that doesn't turn blue or green on me :)

Liza said...

So nice. I've wanted Lumi for soo long, don't really fancy anything else though enough to justify an order :(

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