Thursday, 17 November 2011

Monaco I-Divide Sleek Palette

We have forgot to show the Monaco Palette for you, even though we have had it since summer. It just fell out of our heads you know!
As usual, the pigmenting are fabulous, and we really like the variety of colours in one palette. At first when looking at it one would think that the combination of colours is really strange, but once you get hold of it, there are a lot of looks to do with these shades.
At this point we haven't got swatches of them, so we'll do it as we like to do it: show the looks we used the palette with.
Here is some EyeGraffiti for you!

Hope you enjoyed!
Phlox & Azure


CRYS said...


Melissa said...

The looks you created with this palette are so diverse. I love a palette like that, where every look can be different.

Girl Anachronism said...

I love the Monaco Palette, it is so versatile!
The two lighter matte blue colours don't work out on me so well.

Vanity make-up said...

I love it!!!it's very versatile!!!

Taya said...

I love every single make up look, you did with this palette.

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