Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Gradient Pink

I'm getting hooked on gradient lips in all varieties I think! Remember my orange core I did a while ago?
This is similar, but I did the middle lighter. 
To get this look in the easy way is just to have one dark and one light lipstick in say pink, but make sure that the nuances are correct to each other. You can still get a cool look with different nuances, but my thought from the beginning was to go as close as possible.
So I took a pretty strong pink lipstick, in this case Barry M Lip Paint number 62 Vibrant Pink and then just a white lipgloss on that. My white lipgloss is Feathered from OCC, and it's great because of the good coverage and because of that fact, the needed amount is minimum!
So I say; Try this out!

Over and out!


Chiara Glycine said...

The gradient it's a wonderfull idea! I like this lips! :D

KimsKie's Nails said...

Wow... very cool effect!! ♥

Liza said...

Love doing this with the pout paints, can't wear it out though since it's too hard to touch it up haha :)

Girl Anachronism said...

I want the OCC Lip Tars NOW! hehe. this is a really subtle but cool gradient. And I ask myself why the German cosmetics market is so... old fashioned. Okay, it became better. I can buy NYX. In a store. Offline! *_*

SilhouetteScreams said...

UNFFFFFF so vibrant! :D

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