Friday, 18 November 2011


Yiiiha! Glitterbomb!
I bought these rainbow lashes for so long ago, and I have been eyeing them for so long. So now I thought it was definitely times to use them. And at first I had no idea how to to the best look to bring out the best of these lashes, and then it hit me: why not glitter it up even more?
And so I did!
I dug in my glitter collection and found glitter for the whole lid, and even the brows! And chunkier bits that glitters even more! 
When doing this, I find it very useful to have many brushes! I like to have one for every colour so that it's easy to go back and add more, or just fade colours together. And when using glitter, I'm using a medium brush so I'll have control over the sparkles so they don't end up everywhere.
I didn't use a primer shockingly. But the "adhesive" for the glitter was primer enough!
How wonderful isn't glitter? I mean really!

My glittery list:
Primer - None
Shadows - None
Eyepencil - Snowflake by MUS
Eyeliner - None
Mascara - None
Glitter - NYX Glitter on the Go in Disco Ball, Mayan Gold, Royal Purple & Hot Pink. Make Up Store Glitter in Taurus. Peggy Sage chunky glitter in 148491 & 148480. All attached with Mixing Liquid from Make Up Store
Lashes - Kryolan Eyelashes in K13 
Eyebrow - Make Up Store Glitter in Spock also with Mixing Liquid



Powdered Almond said...

Yowza! Those lashes! Don't they itch? It would be so fun to wear something like this on New Years Eve or something like that!

Kassie said...

Damn I think this is the coolest look you have ever done! I have NEVER seen a look quite like this. With the glitter the shades the lashes its so freaking awesome!! NO its more than awesome its beyond words! So creative ♥

Sana said...

I'd never wear or do such a look, but I love seeing it on other people. Absolutely stunning!

Rach said...

Just WOW!

Liza said...

WOW, so fabulous! :D

Popblush said...

Oh my gosh, this is so stunning! AMAZING!

Leira Yann said...

so colorful and glittery. :)
But how could the glitters stick on so well without primer?

olgiepolgie said...

One word: wow!

moonchild said...

WOW, this is reallllllly glittery! :O

CRYS said...


artlook4u said...

simply great for new year eve party! :)

Cydonian said...

THIS IS AWESOME. Now I wish I had gotten these cheap rainbow lashes I saw at the drugstore during Halloween ><

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

COOL!!!! I hope you didn't get any in your eye! (Oh wait, it's ME who would do something like that, lol!)

SilhouetteScreams said...

This just might be one of the most amazing things I've ever seen.

Eyeshadow Lipstick said...

Amazing! bring on New Year's Eve I am going to try this look!

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