Saturday, 26 November 2011

Crisp by Make Up Store

The lips turned out better than my eyes, that's for sure!
Pink goes very well to green looks in my opinion, but other days I appreciate it more, when I feel satisfied with my look!
This could be taken as a lipgloss with the shine and all, but it isn't! It's a sheer lipstick! The name is Crisp and I bought it at Make Up Store. 
The gloss feeling is really there, so smoothly!
So thumbs up for this one!

Over and out!


Brown Sugar said...

wowo this color <<<3

olgiepolgie said...

I've never tried Make Up Store lipsticks but I may have to.

Monika said...

Thanks a lot ;) Beautiful Lips ;)

k-rocka said...

ochhh :D <3

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