Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sugarpill in our hands!

Wiho! Can you believe that these treasures is ours!?
Sugarpill is the new drug for a make up junkie, that's for sure! For those of you who is doubtful wether or not to purchase Sugarpill, don't waste any time thinking about it no more. Just do it!!
The pay off is incredible, and the loose eyeshadows are perfect!

Sugarpill has two available palettes, the one we have is called Burning Heart, the other one is Sweetheart (and soon ours as well!).
Though the pigments are amazing, the only thing on the con side is the purple one, for some reason attaches to the skin even after cleansing. Anyone else with that problem?
But it vanishes after the second cleansing so it's not permanent, but it's still a fact. And for sensitive eyes, choose another purple with not so strong pigmentation. 
(Sidenote: all the palette shadows are available to purchase one by one in singles. So if you get cravings and dislike the purple one, there is a chance to get the other ones as well. Relief huh!?)

The loose pigments have no cons! They are sparkely, shimmery and super lovable! 
Though whenever using a loose product, we wear a sticky primer for minimal fall out or fly-around as you should say!
The bluegreen name is Magpie, and it shimmers from darkblue to darkgreen depending on what you combine it with
Decora is the pink one, and it has an undertone or hint of blue.
The golden one has the appropriate name as Goldilux, and it's sort of a darker toned gold, with glitter sparkles.

There will be looks made of these products, that is a promise!

Over and out!
Phlox & Azure


Sana said...

Can't wait to see what you two will come up with :) And please tell how the eyeshadows will work in action, because I am still kind of hesitant to buy from Sugarpill ... They're not that cheap, after all :)

yelaya said...

I adore sugarpill but it is a little expensive so use some dupes!!

Special K said...

I'd love to see swatches ♥

Liza said...

I absolutely love Sugarpill. I have the burning heart and sweetheart palettes, as well as Goldilux. :) They are fantastic, although as you mention I do notice some staining with a couple, particularly the pink, Dollipop.

Madame B Fatale said...

Love Supgarpill, I only got mine recently too and now I feel like I need the entire collection! Can't wait to see what looks you come up with!!

Sam said...

I am dying to get my hands on some Sugarpill stuff, but I haven't been able to bring myself to order any yet. Can't wait to see the looks you come up with!

B said...

I am an enormous Sugarpill fan too. I've got the same palette you have and couldn't put it down the first month I had it. It's gorgeouuuus!

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