Monday, 31 October 2011

Smokey Devil Eyes Tutorial

Start with a more sticky primer, apply it over the entire lid 
Use a big brush and the highlighter shadow and apply it just under the brow.

Use a blending brush and draw a "C" shape over the crease using a medium tone shadow 

Now it should look like this

Don't draw the "C" too far back, you want to stop where the eye ends!

Start from the outer corner of the eye and dab the dark loose eyeshadow on but not all the way to the inner corner of the eye

Use a smaller brush and make sure to saturate the primer so it won't crease 

Blend it in, thoroughly

Now it should look like this

Use a medium size brush and dab a light loose eyeshadow on, starting from the inner corner of the eye and stop approximately just before the middle

Use more of the lighter eyeshadow and go further than the middle if you want to keep it lighter

Time to darken it a bit more using a black eye pencil

For a lighter look, don't draw the eye pencil all they way, stop where you want.

Draw it thoroughly as a eyeliner

Make sure you really get in between the lashes 

Take the loose darker eyeshadow and dap it on the eye pencil to make it blend in 

Take some dark loose eyeshadow on the eyeliner as well

Two coats of your favorite volume mascara

Now, you got yourself a couple of nice smokey eyes!
Hope you liked it!


Brown Sugar said...

hey great makeup, good explication xxxx

Robyn said...

Gorgeous! More tutorials please!!!

Robyn said...

Oh, and re: the glitter eyebrows: I use glitter liners normally - when I go to wipe it off it just goes everywhere and I have to scrub it all off for ages! If I use loose glitter for my lips or eye makeup and I drop some on my skin, I use tape to get it off - but I don't want to use tape to get it off my eyebrows in case it pulls my hair off!

olgiepolgie said...

I love how simple this smoky look is and it looks amazing.

Dani said...

This is an awesome tutorial!! I like that you gave so many step by step pictures.

Popblush said...

Great tutorial!! xo

T, the Bee said...

I like the fact that it's a plum smokey eye... it makes it imminently more wearable for every day. Beautiful!

CRYS said...


Powdered Almond said...

Oh oh oh! Beautiful smokey eyes. Thank you for this tutorial, I am a bit lazy at applying shadow so this should give me inspiration.

Alicia said...

Awesome tutorial! It's really great to see the actual size of the brushes, as well. ^^

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