Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Sleek Acid Palette Swatches

As of yesterday it was a long time since I used the Acid Palette from Sleek. And after using it I felt bad that I don't use it more often because it's delicious! 
I got a question from Liza about how I got the colours so pastelly! First I used a sticky primer (Make Up Store's High Tech Lighter in Moondust) and then I started with the lightest colour. In this case it was the bright yellow, then I blended in the orange and last the neon pink. Blending is a perfect way to influence colours so they appear differently then one would think. I usually try not to blend so much because I think it's very easy to get the colours to be more dull then I usually want but in this case that what I was aiming for! Get it?!

Swatches on top of MUS High Tech Lighter in Platina

Please, feel free to ask anything or if you have any request! I always think it's very interesting to learn how fellow make up enthusiast creates their master pieces!



JennaRaeXoXo said...

Wow those colors are bright! Very cool, I like that yellow :-)

Liza said...

Cool I'm definitely gonna try them that way! I usually use these colours heavily patted on haha.

Lilly Peppermint said...

Ooh the yellow and the orange are hot hot hot! XD
I think I need this palette! xxx

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