Friday, 28 October 2011

A pleasant surprise...

Colour-blocked is on the menu for this Friday! I had a crazy moment this morning when only wearing complexions 'cause when I looked down at the shades the mind went all blank.
Happens very rarely. 
So I started working without knowing when or where to stop. Think I ended up pretty well during the circumstances! A pleasant surprise!
And may I say it's kind of difficult to blend green and pink without ending up with a brown fog, didn't want that. Anyone else with that problem? 

My list for today:
Primer - Illamasqua Fat Pencil in Perversed
Shadows - Sleek Curacao Palette using Screwdriver, Martini, Blue Lagoon, Green Iguana, Apres Midori & Singapore Sling 
Eyepencil - Metallic Sea from Make Up Store
Eyeliner - Metallic Sea from Make Up Store
Mascara - Givenchy Eyes'Phenomena in Black
Eyebrow - Le Crayon Eyekohl in Bronze by Lancome

Over and out!


Mateja - Cool Girl said...

I love bright colors and this one looks like a rainbow. It is beautiful.

Princessa said...

wow looks really great. did you wear this out? I love bright and colourful make ups but many people are afraid of wearing them every day but they can bring so much fun and joy to our days

Cydonian said...

lol out of control looks are THE best... love this!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Fun with a capital F.

Makeup Zombie said...

I am officially addicted to your blog. I LOVE THIS SO HARD!

sugarbumpkin said...

Ooh I have this Sleek palette! I'm definitely going to try out this look!

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