Tuesday, 4 October 2011

More Sugarpill...!

New Sugarpills have arrived!! Ordering online is the best medicine for everything. And the best is that you feel like someone is mailing you all these gorgeous products just for fun, because the payment is already done!
Anyways, here are three Loose Eyeshadows from Sugarpill. They match together in the best possible way, and they sparkle sooooo much!
Take a look!

Paperdoll, unpacked
 Hysteric, unpacked
 Decora, unpacked

And swatches....

The fuzzy pic shows only a fraction of sparkle, but as you can see it does sparkle!

Decora is a medium-dark pink which sparkles with light green hues. Could not be the best mixture you think, but it is. This combo is at total ease, trust us about that!

Hysteric is a dark-but-not-too-dark-purple with both gold and silver sparkles. This purple is more of a blue kind, but still purple.

And then Paperdoll, uh, how we have waited for this one!! It's a coldish light purple, and cold in the best of ways. It contains tiny sparkles with a hint of light pink.
It's one of those shades that automatically gets you in the Fairy-mood when using it!

Of course there is nothing left but to love Sugarpill!
Azure & Phlox

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Make-up Compulsivo said...

These pigments are so cool and easy to work with! I have Goldilux, Magpie and Royal Sugar. Royal sugar is the most pigmented erm... pigment I've ever seen! And such a unique colour, too :)

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