Thursday, 29 September 2011


So here I am again, showing you another source of inspiration for you. Whenever I need to get in a bubble of stories, colours, never-ending histories I always turn to Zelda.
There are so many games of Zelda, and everyone has it's own story so I won't go further in on that.
Only, I got my Zelda fever a bit late, about three - four years ago. But I've been hooked since then.
Zelda is a princess, always, and in every way to be. She is a legend, and Link always find a way to connect to her. And very often is it a long long way to meet her, and on the road is it like five hundred keys to find or make.
I really recommend everyone to play Zelda, even if the interest is very low. I didn't think I'd like it at the beginning. But here I am making a post about it...

My first Zelda game!
Link - The Main character
Tetra - The Pirate
Princess Zelda - The one who's always in trouble

An Game boy Advance Zelda Game  : The Oracle of Seasons. The twin game The Oracle  of Time is magnificent.

The newest Zelda game

I will follow this up by showing a look made out of my inspirational thoughts from Zelda, I will just find the time eh!?

Hope you'll enjoy!


yelaya said...

You should try some eyeshadows from "Legends of Zelda" collection by Shiro cosmetics! You can see them in my blog, if you don't know these colors of Shiro! :)

Sana said...

Cool! :)

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