Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Tousled lashes

I don't know what it was with my lashes today, but they weren't cooperative at all. So they turned out to this tousled mess, but what can you do?
I went off season as for this day, now when autumn is coming, I did more of a spring look. But aren't rules made to be broken?
This look was composed with only loose pigments mostly from Mad Minerals, and if you haven't tried them, I suggest you do 'cause the payoff is extraordinary!

Anyway, this is what I used for today:
Primer - NYX JEP in Milk and Yellow
Shadows - Paparazzi, Rave, Big Apple, Pizzazz & Taxi Multi Use Minerals from Mad Minerals, and Loose Colour Pigments Iced from OCC
Eyepencil - Snowflake from MUS
Eyeliner - S.O.P.H.I.E Pencil from Illamasqua
Mascara - Helena Rubenstein Lash Queen Mascara Black
Eyebrow - Tri brow Colour by MUS

Over and out!


Llama said...

LOVING the colour combination! Also, bad lash days are just as much a thing as bad hair days. ;)

Sana said...

Your lashes still look gorgeous :) I have NYX JEP in Black Bean, but I can't use it as eyeshadow base, because it creases :/

yelaya said...

You are very creative, i like all your looks! :)

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