Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sleek Palette Inspiration!

Sleek Palettes are one of my favorite brands to work with. I just get so inspired of open a palette and seeing all the colours together. Ever tried to open all you got and then put them next to each other? I tend to do that when my head is empty and I got zero inspiration and bang, problem solved!

This is what I used:
Primer -NYX JEP in Milk & Yogurt
Shadows - Sleek Palette in Goog Girl, Bad Girl & Curious
Eye pencil - MUS in Snowflake
Eye liner - NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker
Mascara - Max Lashes Black from MUS
Eyebrow - Nightfall from MUS


1 comment:

Girl Anachronism said...

Very cool!

Yeah I often open my 5 Sleek Palettes just to look at the different (or not so different in some cases) colours. But I try to stick to one palette for a look, because they are new. Oh well some colours of the Monaco Palette come to visit the other colours sometimes... :-D

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