Monday, 5 September 2011

An Inspirational Post

This will probably look like an odd post for all make up nerds, but this is in fact a nerdy way to pick up inspiration. Aside from make up I, Azure, plays a lot of video games and my favorite console has, and will always be, the Gameboy. Gameboy has developed to Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS XL and to Nintendo 3DS, which of course is in my hands as often as I can.
I prefer old school styled games, and I'm very fond in the classical ways that games used to be. I love the 8-bit games, maybe a little too much.
However, I always find myself purchasing games with a lot of colours and strange characters, who often can change their apperance.
Giana Sisters is one of those games, and I'm sad to say I never played the original one from the 80's, or the one released to Super Nintendo I think it was. Luckily it was released for Nintendo DS and a guy at the gameshop recommended me this one and I'm so glad he did.
Giana is a blond girl who is very fond of her blue crystals, but she falls down in a sort of nightmare where her crystals gets spread everywhere, and she wants to recollect them, and that's where the adventure starts.
Though in order to get Giana stronger (and in my opinion cooler) you have to jump up a red ball from a stone made of bricks. The ball gets Giana real mad and she transforms into a redheaded, tousled girl.
This transformation is what I love about this game.
And here are some pictures who inspires me, and hopefully they will do the same with you!
Blond Giana, and Giana after been hit with the ball

Transformed Giana about to jump on one of the owls in the game

Giana with her beloved crystals

Hope you liked it, and for those who got interested in this nerdy me and want to talk about video games, feel free to contact us.
And there will not be a lot of videogames chit-chatting, we will continue to show make up, this was just a sidenote from where I get a lot of inspiration to my looks!



Sam said...

This makes me wish I had a Nintendo DS! That definitely looks like the type of game I would enjoy. I draw inspiration from video games too. I love the artwork and colors.

Sam said...

I used to have a DS a looong time ago, but I had to sell it :( I have been wanting to get another ever since. I'm not particularly good at games, but I definitely enjoy them. Do you play on any other consoles?

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