Saturday, 10 September 2011

Freaky Exaggerating

This look was something I did after receiving a nice package from Illamasqua. You can see all the goodies here. So you could call this a great swatch of some of the products.
I like doing freaky looks, and exaggerate the things you normally wouldn't. And I wanted to have an alternate brow than normally, so I chose dark purple of all the colours. Though learn from my mistake; when doing this yourselves take a shadow than doesn't contain any shimmer. At least one with much less shimmer than usual, because IRL, it looked wrong having an iridescent brow.
And yellow, orange and purple works so nice together!!

My product for this occasion: 
Primer - High Tech Lighter Stardust from MUS
Shadows - Maybe, Vulgar, Sister& Savage from Illamasqua, black eyeshadow from Manly 120 palette
Eyepencil - S.O.P.H.I.E Pencil from Illamasqua
Eyeliner - Super Fat Eye Marker Black from NYX Cosmetics
Eyelashes - Eye Impact Madam Butterfly
Mascara - None
Eyebrow - Purple shadow from Manly 120 Palette



RaelDelMare said...

Amazing! I love your blog * _ * You are very good!

SahilyAnais MUA said...

you are so creative. love it!

KittenMittens said...


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