Monday, 5 September 2011

Brown Feather Falsies

Though I wasn't really pleased with this look, but I wanted to show you anyway.
I had waited for an opportunity to use these fabulous feather lashes, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted to.
The golden freckles was the last call before quitting, they really didn't contribute to a thing!
So I ask you, what look would suit these lashes to the best? They are adorable, and really comfy to wear, but this look didn't satisfy me at all.
Suggestions please! I want to wear them again!

I had this before hope failed me:

Primer - Illamasqua Fat Pencil in Perverse
Shadows - Manly 120 Palette
Eyepencil - Seduced by the Dark by MUS
Eyeliner - Dark Brown eyeshadow from the palette
Freckles - Precision Ink in Alchemist from Illamasqua
Mascara - None
Lashes - Lash Art Foxy Lower by MUS
Eyebrow - Another brown from the palette

Over and out!


Girl Anachronism said...

With lashes in such a light colour I would suggest something dark. A dark blue smokey eye or... (a little bit more "different") bold dark red on the lid with a black cut crease. That would be two looks that popped spontaneously into my mind.

Robyn said...

I love these types of lashes. I've got some (black) lashes like these and I was planning on doing a quite dramatic cut crease with them, but with neutral colours. I think you should keep the gold with them, for sure, but perhaps something darker.

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