Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Travelling Tip!

Azure's palette closed

Azure's palette opened
Opened leopard palette

Azure's leopard palette yet to be filled....

Phlox's leopard palette with concealers and lip products...

Phlox's big palette with make up for cheeks, brows and eyes!

If  you travel a lot, or just like to be organized, here's the greatest way of solving that!
Magnet palettes.
For when a pan has detached from its original packing, or when you're buying pan by pan this could come quite handy!
Just make sure the magnet is right polarized so that the palette and the pan doesn't repel each other.
The best thing is you can combine your concealers, powders, lips, eyes, brows, and cake eyeliners in one palette!
These pans are from Yabi, and the palette is from Z palettes.

We also purchased a smaller one in leopard pattern.
These palettes will defenatly come in handy!

Phlox and Azure

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