Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Blue Cut crease

For today I had a cut crease in mind, and a focus for the lower lashline. The effect was amazing, I look so much more evil than I thought I could! Wow!
A cut crease gives you a rather harsh look, but sometimes that is how one wants to look.
And I must say, purple for waterline is a new friend of mine. Gives a hint of green for my eyes. I added a light pink for that purple to break of the blue.
A very strange constellation of colours, I know, but I didn't have any plan what so ever when I started and this is how it ended...!

Here's my list
Primer - High Tech Lighter Stardust from MUS
Shadows - Barry M Dazzle Dust in Gold Iridescent, Inglot Freedom System in numbers 431, 388, 429 & 478
Eyepencil - Obscene Medium Pencil by Illamasqua
Mascara - Long Lash Black from MUS
Eyebrow - Le Crayon Eyekohl Bronze by Lancome


Gold meets Teal

I can't believe how good these colours looks together! Mixing colours really creates a different effect to the eyes. This is actually a look that a wore in the beginning of the summer, which now feels like an eternity!

This is what I used:
Primer -NYX JEP in Milk
Shadows - Manly 120 Palette
Eye pencil - NYX Slim Eye Pencil in Sapphire
Eye liner - MUS Cake Eye Liner in Black
Glitter - MUS Glitter Eyeliner in Royal Gold
Mascara - Max Lashes Black from MUS
Eyebrow - Nightfall from MUS


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Intense Blue Eyes

Today I felt tremendously boring and therefor decided to wear something more fun. It took me a while to decide what to wear but eventually my eyes landed on blue! And suddenly I didn't felt as boring as before!

This is what I used:
Primer -NYX JEP in Milk
Shadows - Illamasqua Powder Eye Shadow in Victim, Sadist, Never & Intense, MUS M/s in Satin
Eye pencil - NYX Slime Eye Pencil in Emerald City
Eye liner - NYX Big Fat Eye Marker
Glitter - NYX Glitter On The Go in Cool Blue
Mascara - Max Lashes Black from MUS
Eyebrow - Nightfall from MUS


Eyepencils only!

Today I was in a blue state of mind, and tried it another way! I only worked with eyepencils!
It feels kinda odd at first, but the result is completely satisfying!
I had three different shades of blues and then a black one to make an actual eyeliner in the end. And I admit I had a highlighter powder on the browbone, but that's it.
And the last picture is me doing the cross-eyed guru in the Love Guru. That movie is hilarious, can't stop laughing!

Anyhow, here are my products for today:
Primer - A tiny bit of NYX JEP in Milk
Shadows - Flash Glow from Mad Minerals
Eye pencils - Blue Lagoon, Sparkling Beach and Metallic Sea (also on the waterline) from MUS
Eye liner - S.O.P.H.I.E Pencil from Illamasqua
Mascara - Max Lashes Black from MUS
Eyebrow - Le Crayon Eyekohl Bronze by Lancome

Try this one out, I'm telling you!

Monday, 29 August 2011

To match your eyes!

For this day I thought about capturing the eyeshadows as close to my own eye-colour. And I got surprised when finished, because I got so close!
Have you ever tried it? And were you close?
I did a lot of smudging back and forth to make everything soft, and I think it was that little detail to make everything match my eye-colour.

Products in use:
Primer - NYX JEP in Milk
Shadows - Losse Colour Concentrates Iced and Rime from OCC, The Original Palette from Sleek.
Eye pencil - Snowflake from MUS
Eye liner - Black eyepencil borrowed from my mother, and the lower lashline Frosted Meadow from MUS
Mascara - Lash Queen Black from Helena Rubenstein
Eyebrow - Le Crayon Eyekohl Bronze from Lancome

Over and out!

Simple Glittery Eyes!

Today it's pretty sunny outside and what is better on a sunny day then some glitter?!

This is what I used:
Eye pencil - MUS in Snowflake & Copacabana
Eye liner - NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker
Glitter - NYX Glitter On The Go in Glam Gold
Mascara - Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara in Black
Eyebrow - Yaby Brow Shade No. 2


Sunday, 28 August 2011

A Touch Of Pink

Today I'm wearing A Touch Of Pink High Shine Gloss from Sleek, on a lippencil called Edge Pink from NYX Cosmetics.
I always put on a lippencil when knowing I'm going to wear my lips a long while. The pencil is the dry coat of which the gloss can attache to, and that makes it more lasting.
Clever huh!?

Over and out!

Ebay Bargain- 15 Shade Blush Palette

Without Flash

With Flash
I tend do use a lot of my blushes on my eyes and eyeshadows as blush, lip pencils as eye pencils and the other way around! It feels better that way knowing that your make up stash contains a lot of multi products! We have come across with so many great deals on Ebay, gotta show them sometime soon. The 15 Shade Blush Palette is just one of them.

This is what I used:
Primer -NYX JEP in Milk
Shadows - 15 Shade Blush Palette (bought from Ebay)
Eye pencil - MUS in Snowflake
Eye liner - NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Purple
Glitter - MUS Glitter Eyeliner in Soft Pink
Mascara - Max Lashes Black from MUS
Eyebrow - Nightfall from MUS


Please read our disclaimer for your discretion!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Saturday Sorbet Eyes!

This is a look that was really tough capturing on photo, it appears to be quite mellow but in real life it just screamed colour! I worked with matte pigments on a shimmery primer.

This is what I used:
Primer -MUS High Tech Lighter in Stardust
Shadows - Illamasqua's Powder Eye Shadow in Sister, Vulgar, Predator, Fame & Melodrama
Eye pencil - MUS Darkest Shadow & Black
Eye liner - MUS Cake Eyeliner in Black
Lash Art - Illamasqua's No. 23
Eyebrow - Lestat by Illamasqua


From complexions to Sunset!

I want to show you what I look like before the magic happens. This is me wearing only complexion, ahhh almost naked!!! And this is what I love with make up, you go from this.....

...To this! I played with the Sunset Palette from Sleek today, a bit heavier than I usually do. I thought of copying Phlox's way of  doing make ups and it's so much fun to do such a thing. Apply make up in somebody else way makes you look at how you do it your way a lot more different.
And I'm really pleased with the result! It turned up quite good!

The list:

Primer - Paint Pot Painterly from MAC in Bare Study
Shadows - Sleek Palette Sunset and Eyedust Goldglow from MUS
Eye pencil - S.O.P.H.I.E Pencil from Illamasqua both on waterline and as eyeliner. And I also applied it under the lower lashline before putting the blue shadow on top for a darker result!
Mascara - Max Lashes Black from MUS
Eyebrow - Le Crayon Eyekohl Bronze from Lancome


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