Saturday, 2 July 2011

How to combine rhinestones

The marvelous power of rhinestones!
This pink make up only got elevated by the rhinestones, and the funny thing is I didn't have a plan at all how I wanted them.
And never forget that you can have symmetry in asymmetry!
Note that the different sizes of the stones really enhances the effect of the sparks!

Primer - High Tech Lighter Stardust Make Up Store
Shadows - Sleek Palette Good Girl and Eyedust Goldglow Make Up Store
Eye pencils - Snowflake Make Up Store
Eye liner - Metallic Sea Make Up Store
Mascara - Max Lashes from Make Up Store
Eyebrow - Tri Brow Colour from Make Up Store
Rhinestones - Bubblegum Make Up Store

Enjoy the rhinestones!

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