Saturday, 16 July 2011

Fun with Lush stars

For some time ago I mentioned a bit about my passion for Lush, and now here's some more.
The stars around one eye is actually from a bath bomb! Yes, it is true.
I took them out of the bath tub, rinsed them and hey these could look good for this make up.
So this is the result.

Primer - High Tech Lighter Platina Make Up Store 
Shadows - Manly 120 Palette
Eye pencil - Snowflake Make Up Store
Eye liner - Cake Eye Liner in Black from Make Up Store
Eye lashes - Lash Art Peak Over Make Up Store
Mascara - Helena Rubenstein Lash Queen Black Mascara
Stars - Bath bomb from Lush
Eyebrow - Le Crayon Eyekohl Bronze Lancome


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