Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Glossy is the best!

As I said not so long ago; black lips are hot!
And even hotter when they're glossy!
I had to try the Lip tar by itself and so here is Tarred, and may I say the coverage is awesome!!
Just don't make out with anyone who is sensitive!!


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Nina Sparr said...

Oh. My God. Where have you ladies been all my life?! Ha! =) I just today found your blog... and I'm a little obsessed right now!! I can't decide whether I need to keep reading every post, or run into my bathroom and start trying newly inspired makeup looks... or take my laptop into my bathroom and read and apply makeup all at once! Oh God! =)

Okay, but seriously, this blog is... pretty much amazing! I literally found it just in the last hour and want to try almost every single eye look! And the lips are AWESOME! And, hilarious! I love the Elvis sneer (and nice pearly whites on both of you ladies! I'm jealous)!

I swear I really am trying to bring it back to a question here... =) I love the black lips going on btw the lip tar and the Illamasqua. I was wondering if one of you ladies could let me know/comment on the wear time for either of these looks (or both). While touch-ups are pretty fair game, the lip tar looks awesome, and looks like it would come off in about 2.5 seconds after walking out the door! And that pristine is to die, but again, my experience with black lippies is they fall apart pretty rapidly, and then you are left with awkwardly stained black/purple(ish) lips in the creases and... it's just not cool. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? It's totally possible I'm just missing a key step to keeping blacks looking good too, so I would be open to any tips, etc. =)

Thanks for the awesome blog ladies! I have a feeling I'll be reading quite a bit! I'll try to keep the questions/fan-girl(ness) to a minimum. ; )

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