Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Electric Blue Eyeliner!

NYX Cosmetics store some really cool eyeliners! They are very metallic and super waterproof, but still not impossible to get off. I've used the Studio Liquid Eyeliner in the colour Extreme Blue.  A must have in the make up bag...

Check them out!

Chicken Mouth!

A regular pout is so boring...
This is Lipgelee from MAC in the shade Pale Pink.



It's funny how things can change while you're working on the masterpiece.
This day my plan was to have something maybe turquoise with a hint of blue.
And where do I end up? Yellow, turquoise, blue, purple and pink.
So if you have a plan, follow it but then again maybe not!


Monday, 30 May 2011

Sunny day?!

I think that yellow is an underestimated colour. It goes great with brown, black, purple- you name it! The rhinestones are Zircon from Make Up Store and I've also used my favorite lashes, Peak Over!


Oh my stars!

Here's a way to put focus to more than the eyelid.
I drew a thicker line than usual with a baby-blue eye pencil under the eye and on top that is a similar eyeshadow  to make it last. The stars is glued with clear eyelash glue and then glitter in the brows.
Super easy and yet head on!


Sunday, 29 May 2011

Pimp up an oldie!

This is the easiest way to pimp up a lipgloss when you get tired of the same old colour everyday.
This lipgloss is an oldie I bought at Zara many years ago with a tinted pink and blueberry scented.
Then it's a glitter from Pixi and it doesn't have a name or a number but it's a darker shade of pink that glitters in blue.
Amazing huh?!


Orion's belt

Orion is a glitter from Make Up Store that works with almost everything. It's a white glitter and in the jar it glitters in a light shade of pink, but when applied it has a minty sort of green. Absolutely amazing!
So I combined this frosty green with a cool light blue shadow from Make Up Store called Brilliance, and one pink shadow from the Good Girl palette (Sleek) mixed with a blue one from the Circus palette (also Sleek) to get this purple colour in the corner of the eye.

Over and out!

Blue - such a lovely colour

Another colour that's fantastic with green eyes are blue. The combinations are endless and one can go from pale blue to smokey blue and get a lot of different shades of the iris as well! For this make up I've used Sleek Bad Girl Palette which contains a lot of shades of dark blue's!


Saturday, 28 May 2011

Fluff in the falsies

Here is a heavier kind of rainbow shading you can do. I've used a couple of lashes that are more denser and so the lash line gets thicker (but make sure that you don't get a lint/fluff in your falsies because I didn't realize that I had it before the picture was taken). Unfortunately the glitter under the eye doesn't show and that's a shame because it was a cool effect.


Tetris attack!!

I know, another crease line! But again in another and a sharper way.
I've used a matte white shadow elsewhere to get more focus to the colours. Though an eyeliner wouldn't be wrong here, I just didn't realize that during the making.
It's so much fun to try other and crazier ways to do your make up!

Over and out!

Rubik's Cube!

I just wanted to try something new out and here's the result! Working with sharp lines are a challenge, but so much fun! I used an eye pencil for this look to create the sharp lines but it also works fantastic with sticky tape. Looking at the pictures now I realize that an eyeliner would have been awesome!


Friday, 27 May 2011

Mixing trixing

Here's OCC Lip Tar Rx and Traffic mixed together and I ended up with an apricot colour. Fabulous!

Try it out!

Pink Lady

One of the colours that I think looks great with green eyes is strong pink!
I've used shadows from Inglot's Freedom System.


Crease line in another way!

This is another way to mark the crease line if you are sooo bored in the usual way!
This glitter shifts from green to gold to blue so you get a lot of colours at once! And this is the famous glitter Peacock from Make Up Store that we've been using a lot.

Try it!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Swung yourself!

There's always fun to play with angles, sometimes you increase them and sometimes you change them. I did both here just to do something different.
To enhance that feeling even more, I used falsies with real swung.
This is a mix of shadows from two Sleek Palettes; Bad girl and The original.

Go ahead and try it!

I'm a peacock, you gotta let me fly!!!!

If you haven't tried glitter brows you gotta try it. I've used the Peacock glitter from Make Up Store and one of my favorite lashes, Peak Over also from Make Up Store.


Cool by the pool

I've used only two shades of blue from Inglot, and a grey cake eyeliner. It's an easy eye make up but still colourful!
Fake lashes from Illamasqua no. 01 and they come in a package as a lashband so you can cut the length you desire.

More falsies to the people!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Twisted on a Thursday...

Here's another way to play with rhinestones. I've used Multi from Make Up Store and on the lower lashes I've added some white cake eyeliner for a more frosty look!

Try it out!

Without eyeliner

Here's a lazy way of doing something fun when you're a bit tired. I skipped the eyeliner 'cause I wanted the colours to really show, and somehow without the black along the lashes gives you a bit of a naked eye, in a good way!
The red dot in the lashes under the eye is a black and red glitter eyeliner I added on the lashes, but it didn't show much in this picture.

This is a mix of Inglot shadows from the Freedom System and the numbers are really hard to tell.

Over and out!


Sometimes I just really like to play with colours and combine them as I wish. So this is the result of one of these moments!
I've used shadows from Inglot and glitter Galaxy from Make Up Store (it's under the eye).


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Total green!

This was the make up I got out from my green mood!
I shaded up the lightest green shadow to the brow bone and then toned in a satin white in it so that the highlighter would really get a greener tone.
Sometimes you just want to go monogamic with one colour!


Fading eyeliner

I started with some simple green eyeshadows but felt for something more creative. I looked down on all of my eye pencils and ended up with an eyeliner shading from light blue to dark blue.
This is Blue Lagoon, Crazy Lazy and Metallic Sea eye pencils from Make Up Store.
And they work excellent on the lips as well!

Why don't you try it!?

Not a boring Tuesday!

Just wanted to do something more advanced today and started to do it a lot darker in the corner of the eye instead of the other way round that I usually do. Looked even more cool in real life...

Think I will try this again but with another colour!


Monday, 23 May 2011

Icy lashes

This is another make up made of MAD Mineral Pigments!
I've used Mayhem and Whisper Blue, and the latter one is a highlighter that shifts from white to blue.
To dash things up I added silver glitter in the lashes.


Keep on pimpin!

Here's the other eye with the same eyeshadows but different rhinestones and I also decided to do the placement differently. There's symmetry in the asymmetry...


Pimpin up a look!

For this average bronzing look I just added some rhinestones under the eye to make it more extravagance. A perfect way if one want's to do something different without overdo it. The rhinestones are Multi from Make Up Store.

Have Fun!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Light smokey eye

I like to do a light smokey eye. So I've used a medium-dark blue eye pencil on waterline, instead of maybe a black one.
The shadows are from MAD Minerals in the multi colour pigments, the shades are called Intuition and Day Dreamer.

Over and out!

Back in the 90´s

Just blended OCC Lip Tar Feathered with Traffic and got this lovely pastel yellowish colour. Almost felt like I've travelled back to the 90´s!!!
Looks cool with heavy smokey eyes for those who dare...


Pink Delight!

Here  I've used eyeshadows from Inglot Freedom System which is fantastic. When ever I use shadows from Inglot I always try to use a very rich primer so that the pigments really shows! Really great rich primers are e.g High Tech Lighter from Make Up Store or Liquid Metals from Illamasqua.

Give it a shot!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Reggie Rythm...

So here is where I ended up with the blending!
I took more of the red and blue to get a deeper feeling and o'boy, this lip make up was fun!

I got the idea from this girl. Great source of inspiration.

Cool huh!?


Sleek I-Divide Sunset Palette

Here is the amazing palette!
You can get it at your local drugstore, Boots, Superdrug or if you live far off there's always Ebay, like a friend in the dark.

Shop 'til you drop!

It's party time Dude!

I've worked with several shadows from the Sunset Sleek Palette for this make up.
It's really easy to blend them together since you've got so many shades.
And to complete the palette there's a blue shadow in it that worked really good under the eye.
And these falsies are really comfortable to wear, you almost can't feel them.
They are called Peak Over and you can get them at Make Up Store, located at Carnaby Street and Westfield, in the city of London.


Glittery Saturday

On Saturdays I always try to do something extra creative or challenging, if I'm not to tired!! I got this inspiration from the Sucker Punch movie, which was fantastic and so cool!
The blurry picture is to get a better view of how the glitter looked!

Have fun!

Sunset lips

This time I threw on some of the red lip tar, NSFW, in the other corner of the mouth. It felt more alive to get a variously of the colour spectra. And it really wants you to blend all types of colours to your lips!


Friday, 20 May 2011

Royal Purple!

Strong coloured lips that also is very dark goes excellent with pale skin. Right now I'm feeling as a pale biscuit and just wanted to spice my self up so I added purple  lips. I've used the OCC Lip Tar in the colours NSFW, RX and Feathered.

Go Crazy!

Almost clean

When you do your crazy lips you might want to have an almost clear eye to keep focus on the lip colour
Here's just a simple eyeliner drawn with a black eye pencil to get the smudgy line, and then some eyelash enhancing with fake lashes.

Over and out.
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